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Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Sea contamination

IAEA strongly requested JP Gov to found the international system to evaluate the Pacific contamination

In the regular press briefing of 9/25/2013, the chairman of Nuclear Regulation Authority, Tanaka stated head of the secretariat of IAEA, Amano strongly requested them to found the international system

Contaminated water crisis

[Next typhoon approaching Fukushima] Tepco plans to transfer contaminated water back to reactor buildings

The next Typhoon (Pabuk) is estimated to approach offshore Fukushima nuclear plant around 21:00 of 9/26/2013 (JST).   When the last Typhoon hit Fukushima plant on 9/16/2013, they ended up

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco “We don’t think contamination reached the groundwater bypass wells”

Since the contaminated water tank experienced 300m3 leakage, high level of radioactive water Tritium has been measured in groundwater taken near the groundwater bypass wells. Tepco plans to discharge the

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco “Tank construction can’t catch up with increasing contaminated water” / “Trying to think of the solution”

In the press conference of 9/25/2013, Tepco announced the tank construction can’t catch up with the increasing pace of contaminated water. According to Tepco, the increasing speed of the contaminated


[Damaged stack] Tepco calculating the possibility of collapsing / 28m radius area is off-limits

Following up this article..[Mystery] 8 damages on the stack are concentrated on 66m point from the ground [URL]   Having been required by Nuclear Regulation Authority to take prevention based

Contaminated water crisis

[300m3 leakage] Tepco found 2 leaking bolts in the tank / The bolts are not loosened

Following up this article..300m3 leakage tank had 5 loosened bolts, sealing parts widely detached [URL]   On 9/25/2013, Tepco announced they found the two bolts that may have caused the