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Plant hazard

Atmospheric dose in reactor4 rose by 1.2~1.6 times / Tepco “Dust from reactor3”

Following up this article..High level of Cs-134/137 detected on the top of reactor3 again / Spread by the wind [URL]   According to Tepco, the atmospheric dose picked up on


Kyoto Uni Prof. “Tritium might be discharged directly from the reactor3 to the atmosphere”

“Steam” was observed until early August. (cf, Reactor3 steamed till 9:00AM 8/7/2013 [URL]) About the “steam”, Prof. Yamana from Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute stated there is a possibility that

Contaminated water crisis

Approx. 90% of contaminated water tank is already full

Related to this article..[Breaking] Tepco’s contaminated water storage may reach an impasse this November ~ December [URL] From Tepco’s report submitted to the government on 8/29/2013, their contaminated water storage

Contaminated water crisis

One more tank leakage found / Tepco “No data for not bringing the proper survey meter”

Since they found the 300m3 leakage, Tepco has been investigating the leakage of other tanks. On 9/2/2013, they found one more leakage in the South side of the 300m3 leakage

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Backward flow of contaminated groundwater ?] High level of radiation detected in drain upstream of any tanks

Contaminated water tanks are leaking, and the leaked water flowed to the drains, which are connected to the Pacific. However on 9/2/2013, high level of all β nuclides (including Strontium-90)

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

All β level doubled up in pumped water of reactor2 seaside

On the seaside of reactor2, all β nuclide (including Strontium-90) increased nearly as double as two weeks ago. In order to stop the sea contamination, Tepco built the impervious wall


[Column] It’s been one year since I entered US, everything changed for me but nothing changed for Fukushima

It’s been one year since I entered US last year. Time passes really fast.   Since I arrived at Penn station, everything has changed around me. On the other hand,