Tepco changed the analysis method for Strontium-90

On 9/27/2013, Tepco announced they are going to introduce the new means of Strontium-90 analysis.

According to Tepco, they have been applying the gas flow detector to analyze Strontium-90. It takes one month to detect, they have been having 90 samples unanalyzed every month.

The new means of β nuclide analysis equipment has been introduced since 9/19/2013. It’s estimated to take approx. 10 days to complete analysis.

Tepco states there are 200 samples unanalyzed yet. The new means are to be applied to these 200 samples in the beginning.

When they analyzed the same sample (leaked water from the underground reservoir) by both of the means, it was 7,700,000 Bq/m3 by the new means, where it was 8,200,000 Bq/m3 by the old means. In this comparing study, the new analyzing way indicated the smaller reading. Tepco commented it was almost the same reading, which is acceptable.






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