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Contaminated water crisis

Tepco’s data shows they’re to run out of tanks in the 3rd week of November

Following up this article..Approx. 90% of contaminated water tank is already full [URL]   On 9/4/2013, Tepco released the data of the balance of the tank capacity and the current

Contaminated water crisis

Groundwater reached the ground surface in one more observation hole

Following up this article..Groundwater reached the ground surface → Tepco “We won’t use the boring anymore” [URL]   According to Tepco, groundwater reached the ground surface level in another boring.

Contaminated water crisis

[Videos] Groundwater flowing to reactor1 turbine building and incinerator building

On 9/4/2013, Tepco released the videos of groundwater flowing into reactor1 turbine building and the incinerator building. Tepco is surveying to identify the locations where the groundwater flows into the

Contaminated water crisis

[Video] Tepco’s leaking tank patrol – 9/3/2013

On 9/4/2013, Tepco released the video of their patrolling the leaking tank areas. This is where 300m3 of contaminated water leaked. The video was taken on 9/3/2013. Numerous tanks are

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

2.2 Sv/h measured from tank leakage / Highest reading ever

On 9/1/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “[Breaking] One more leakage found / 1.7 Sv/h [URL]”   From the re-survey of 9/3/2013, they measured 2.2 Sv/h in the same leakage (β+γ). This

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Mysterious No media coverage] Tritium level in groundwater still increasing near reactor1

Following up this article..Tritium level in groundwater jumped up 1.8 times much in 2 weeks near reactor1 [URL]   According to Tepco, Tritium density in groundwater of seaside of reactor1

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[Column] Summary of Fukushima – How to minimize the risk

    Tones of the groundwater flow to Fukushima nuclear plant. Now the plant is the unstoppable contaminated water producing machine. Here I’d like to explain the feasibility of the