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[Column] The things I got to know in this journey

Whatever it is for, I sometimes think about when I die. When everyone dies, you can’t take your money or cars.   Instead, the memories about the person remains in

Contaminated water crisis

[Tritium spread] 310,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium detected in the forest of downstream from 300m3 leakage tank

According to Tepco, high level of Tritium (310,000 Bq/m3) was measured in the groundwater of the forest. The forest is located in the east of the tank area that experienced

Contaminated water crisis

Leaked 300m3 leakage possibly penetrated underground just beside the tank / 1.7 mSv/h in 30cm deep underground

On 9/20/2013, Tepco released the boring core analysis data around the 300m3 leakage tank. From their data, the ground is contaminated in 20 ~ 30cm depth. The highest contamination level

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco denies that a worker stopped contaminated water splashing from a tank with a raincoat

On 9/21/2013, Tepco commented on their website that the story of a worker who stopped splashing contaminated water from a tank is not acknowledged. According to Tepco, on 9/20/2013 Asahi

Contaminated water crisis

Japanese gov started asking for the international advice for contaminated water issue

Following up this article..JP Gov “There is no technology to remove Tritium from contaminated water”/Appeal international world for technology [URL]   Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry opened the website

Contaminated water crisis

Leaking tank had the bolts inside → Couldn’t be tightened from the outside

Following up this article..300m3 leakage tank had 5 loosened bolts, sealing parts widely detached [URL]   In the press conference of 9/20/2013, Tepco commented the loosened bolts are inside of


Radiation level of the damaged stack is 10 Sv/h

Following up this article..8 damages found on the stack for reactor1&2 / 66 m from the ground [URL]   For the question of the press, Tepco admitted the radiation level