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Cover-ups Sea contamination

Japan Meteorological Research Institute “60,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 and Sr-90 is leaking to the open ocean everyday”

In IAEA session from 9/17~9/18/2013, researcher Aoyama from Japan Meteorological Research Institute reported 60,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 and Sr-90 is leaking to the open ocean every single day. (30,000,000,000 Bq

Natural disasters

M5.8 hit Fukushima plant area

At 2:25 AM of 9/20/2013 (JST), M5.8 hit Fukushima nuclear plant area. The epicenter was Hamadori area Fukushima. The depth was 20km. The maximum seismic intensity was 5+.


Nuclear Regulation Authority “Reactor4 possibly had 2~3 strong explosions in 311”

On 8/30/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority released their report about reactor4 investigation conducted from this July to August. In this report, they concluded reactor4 experienced at least 2 strong explosions in


JP PM Abe requested Tepco to decommission Fukushima reactor5 and 6

On 9/19/2013, Japanese Prime Minister Abe requested Tepco to decommission reactor5 and 6 in order to concentrate on decommissioning reactor1~4. Tepco states they are going to decide what to do

Contaminated water crisis

After discharge, Tepco found all β nuclides density higher than safety limit outside of the tank area dams

Following up this article..Tepco discharged 1,130 tones of “rainwater” from 7 tank areas [URL]   On 9/18/2013, Tepco announced they actually measured all β nuclides (including Strontium-90) from retained water

Contaminated water crisis

[Photo] Rust already found inside of the contaminated water tanks

Following up this article..[Too many tanks] Leaked tank can’t be dismantled before the next tank dismantled because of no space among the tanks [URL]   On 9/18/2013, Tepco released the