JP Gov to consider filing a suit in WTO against S. Korea for banning all fishery products from 8 prefectures

Japanese having contaminated water leaking to the Pacific cluelessly, South Korean government decided to ban all the fishery products from 8 prefectures in Japan on 9/6/2013.

On 9/17/2013, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Hayashi stated in the press conference that Japanese government hasn’t decided to file a suit in WTO against S. Korea yet, but it doesn’t mean Japanese government will not file a suit against S. Korea.

Japanese government is afraid that S. Korean policy may cause the harmful rumor for Japanese fishery products. They claim S. Korea should take the immovable measures with “scientific basis”.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

Le gouv. jap. envisage de porter plainte à l’OMC contre la Corée du Sud pour l’interdiction de for tous leurs produits marins issus de 8 préfectures


Le gouvernement de Corée du Sud a décidé d’interdire tous les produits de la pêche de 8 préfectures du Japon le 6 septembre 2013 parce que les eaux extrêmement radioactives fuient dans le Pacifique sans qu’on sache à quel point.

Le 17 septembre 2013, le ministre de l’Agriculture, de la Forêt et des Pêches, M. Hayashi, a affirmé au cours d’une conférence de presse que le gouvernement japonais n’avait pas encore décidé de porter plainte à l’OMC contre la Corée du Sud mais que ça ne signifie pas qu’il ne va pas le faire.
Le gouvernement japonais a peur que la politique coréenne alimente les rumeurs malveillantes sur les pêches japonaises. Ils affirment que la Corée du Sud devrait prendre des dispositions immuables sur “des bases scientifiques”.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. I blieve South Korea found radiation in several seafood products before taking this stand against the import of fish. While rattling the sword is calming at ‘home in Japan’ a court of will speak. Radiation is hard to hide if you have the right equipment. I do not think Japan wants to get on the world stage and preach they have not had radiation in their exports….That could be a really bad “rumor’ for Japan to face.

  2. If the world court has a typical discovery process with depositions, fact finding, document collection and subpena power then Japan will have a hard time propagating the lies. On the other hand, South Korea has its own list of power plants to properly maintain.

  3. I don’t want to take sides in a Japan/Korea fish dispute. But nobody on Planet Earth actually WANTS Fukushima Fish on their plate or in their cat food.

    That one stray, heavily-contaminated fish with a (cardiac arrest) lethal dose of Cesium is probably an irrational fear, unless you live in Fukushima and have already sustained significant heart damage. Strontium concerns are similarly cumulative, for the most part. Thus a tourist will not die at the restaurant table in a dramatic fashion.

    ALARA is the watchword and Japan has not been doing ANY of the ‘reasonably achievable’ steps in As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

    China and Taiwan banned Japan Fish in April 2011, subject to the usual limitations of lying, cheating, fraud, bribery and/or smuggling.

    South Korea is probably responding to the recent announcement that Fukushima Fishing was about to restart. So the BAN for several prefectures is a political action.

    Most LIKELY, Japan & South Korea collaborated on every inflammatory word in every newspaper story. And the ‘solution’ was arranged at the same meeting.

    Such contrived international diplomatic charades are usually directed toward the local populations of Japan and South Korea.

    Meanwhile the USA and Canada governments do not even publish their Japan Food Radiation Test Results. Therefore, no one can run tests at the local grocery store to verify the results. No test result publication reduces the number of times the USA government would get caught lying and fabricating false radiation tests.


    Bill Duff

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