Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it


It’s impossible to think only peach is not contaminated among Fukushima agricultural products, but they are committing into the peach marketing by using an idol group “TOKIO” on TV CM etc..

Fukushima peach distributed overseas and to Imperial family

The local supermarket chain in Fukushima, “Ichii” actually measured cesium 134/137 from Fukushima peach. The highest reading was 24.66 Bq/Kg. Measurement was done on 7/20/2012. [Link]

This sample was taken from Tsukidatemachi Fukushima, where is only 51.4km from Fukushima plant.

Fukushima peach distributed overseas and to Imperial family 5

Cs-134 : 11.30
Cs-137 : 13.36
From Tsukidate machi

Cs-134 : 7.02
Cs-137 : 7.97
From Tsukidate machi

Cs-134 : –
Cs-137 : 5.05
From Date city (60.8km from Fukushima plant)

Fukushima peach distributed overseas and to Imperial family 2

Another supermarket chain, Maruetsu measured 4.6 Bq/Kg of cesium even from the peach in Yamanashi prefecture.(Harvested on 7/18/2012) [Link] Yamanashi prefecture is 294.6km from Fukushima plant, further than Tokyo.

Fukushima peach distributed overseas and to Imperial family 3


Fukushima peach distributed overseas and to Imperial family 6

However, they are not only committing into marketing but also exporting it overseas.
JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization announced they are going to invite the buyers of the departments, supermarkets and restaurant chains in Thailand to support Fukushima farmers from 8/7 to 8/10. It is an attempt to export Fukushima peach for the first time after 311. Since Taiwan stopped importing agricultural products from Fukushima, their products have not been exported from Japan.
They are focusing on Thailand because they accept it only with the document to prove radiation measurement result. For the beginning, they are going to invite 4 companies of importers and major retailers. [Link]
On 8/8/2012, they even presented 180 of Fukushima peaches to imperial family.
The peaches were harvested in Kori machi Fukushima, where is only 66km away from Fukushima plant.
They packed the peaches in that town too. (66km from Fukushima plant)
The local Japan Agricultural Cooperatives comments the price of the peaches are only 70~80%.

They think it’s because of harmful rumor and it can be solved by having Imperial family consume them.



  1. The Japanese Imperial Family has moved away from the Tokyo area, they must be aware of the conditions around the whole of Japan. Certainly, they would know about the contaminated peaches grown in Fukushima. If they decide to follow through with this campaign, I would be very surprised, it would tarnish them. To agree to this campaign and the selling of the produce overseas (Thailand)would be one more immoral act. As an American, I realize that Japanese people are concerned for their beloved nation, health, lives, and future generations. They are not at fault, they are victims of the energy industry, the government officials, and those who continue to spread misinformation about the continuing danger and long term effects from radiation. The plan to export contaminated food outside of Japan for purely financial gain is shameful.

  2. This reminds me of the time when a certain British politician made his daughter eat a McDonalds hamburger in public, to ‘prove’ that British beef was safe from Mad Cow Disease. Sadly, many people will buy into this publicity stunt.

  3. This seems a typical Japanese reaction. It’s similar to the fishing and selling of Dolphin meat. They knew it contained hazardous amounts of mercury but they still gave to to school children. I don’t begin to understand the Japanese mentality but there seems to be an attitude of underlying arrogance and denial. I’m not against Japanese people btw, my wifes Japanese and is living in the UK. She is in shock at what is going on over there and does not want to ever return again. She says the people over there are in the main totally uniformed about the situation and even her friends are not that interested. It’s like an acceptance of they can’t do anything about it so they ignore it and hope it goes away.

    1. Mark,

      I am an American residing in the US and have been totally befuddled by the attitude of not wanting to be informed because it is too frightening, so we will ignore your information. “Just go away, so that I can go back to sleep” attitude is prevalent. I am 66 years old, and cannot believe the selfishness, arrogance, meanness, etc. that is rapidly becoming the norm. There is neither social conscience, moral imperative, nor acceptance of personal responsibility.

      There is currently a serious crisis in Louisiana because a huge sinkhole over 300 ft. across with a depth of between 50 to 400 ft. has opened a hollowed cavern of a salt mine. There are radiation counts which they say is natural; but it is next to a butane fuel storage facility. Brilliant. Homeland Security has been called in by Gov. Bobby Jindal. For a sinkhole within a salt cavern? I can guaranty that there is something dangerous about the crisis and that the information will be ignored by most of the American public.

      1. I’m 50 and living in the USA too. I live on the west coast of Oregon and NO ONE HERE knows or even cares about the radiation! I assumed that it’s been on it’s way for over a year. From what the locals say, it arrived a long time ago. Found in seaweed and cow’s milk? Just hearsay. I can’t get ANY real information from anyone out here! EVERYTHING is blacked out. Over a year ago, our government raised the acceptable limits of radiation and said that everything is “safe”. BS! All they do is lie and feed us propaganda. I never even watch TV because the lies make me sick! Our government is a parliament sham and cares NOTHING about the health and safety of it’s people. And that Sinkhole… I’ve been catching what I can of it and it sounds pretty bad. But still, no one cares… except Michele!

  4. Is it not a crime in Japan to try to murder the Imperial family with radioactive food? Sounds like a coup attempt to me!

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