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Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Column] How JP Prime Minister Abe lied to IOC about sea contamination

Abe stated to IOC that the contaminated water is not spreading over the Pacific and Tokyo was selected for the host city of Olympic games of 2020. If Japanese Prime

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination Sea contamination

Tepco needs 3km long hose to evacuate contaminated “rainwater” to notch tank

Following up this article.. [Next typhoon approaching Fukushima] Tepco plans to transfer contaminated water back to reactor buildings [URL]   The contaminated water tanks are surrounded by the local “dams”


Fallout level in Tokyo was the 3rd highest in Japan this August / 5.2 MBq/km2・month

On 9/30/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority published the report of fallout level of this August in every prefecture. From the report, the fallout level was the 3rd highest in Tokyo in

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco dropped water level gauge into groundwater observation hole / “Can’t measure the water level there anymore”

The contaminated water meets groundwater in Fukushima plant area, and it’s leaking to the sea. In order to stop the flow, Tepco is building the impervious wall on the seaside


[Air-cooling] Thousands m3 / h of air would be needed to keep the fuel cooler than 100℃ after 2018

On 9/29/2013, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco is studying the feasibility of “air-cooling” the reactors. On 9/30/2013, Tepco stated it may be possible after 2018. It would require thousands m3 of

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco “Algae can grow in the spent fuel pool without hydrazine”

Tepco is injecting “hydrazine” into the spent fuel pools of reactor1~4. Hydrazine is the highly toxic inorganic compound, used in various rocket fuels and to prepare the gas precursors used

Contaminated water crisis

[Give up?] Tepco can’t make new tank construction plan after October

Following up this article.. Tepco “Tank construction can’t catch up with increasing contaminated water” / “Trying to think of the solution” [URL]   On 9/30/2013, Tepco announced they can’t make

Column Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Column] Tepco and JP Gov’s “blank” plan to decommission Fukushima nuclear plant in 40 years

Why is contaminated water increasing ? That’s because they have to be giving water to the reactors. The fuel is still heated.   The increase of the contaminated water is

Contaminated water crisis

New tank leakage outside of the plant port area / Location map is not published

On 9/28/2013, Tepco reported a new tank leakage was found. Around 23:00 of 9/28/2013, a sub-contract worker found the leakage from the flange part of the tank for reactor5 and

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco doesn’t measure radiation accumulated on the bottom of the sea

Following up this article.. Tepco “We don’t see Tokyo bay contamination” [URL] Regarding the Pacific contamination, Tepco stated they analyze seawater but they take the samples only from the surface