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Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Concealment ?] Tepco abandoned fish samples from Fukushima plant port, “due to degradation”

According to Tepco, Tepco abandoned 30 samples of fishery products on 3/15/2013. They state it was due to fish degradation. On 4/26/2013, Tepco released the nuclide analysis data of fishery


[Notice] Fukushima Diary got the PoBox

As Fukushima Diary corporation, I opened a PoBox finally. I used to borrow someone’s address before, but now I can genuinely have my own PoBox. If you kindly support by

Natural disasters

[Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] The large landslide accelerates, 40m more to go

On 4/23/2013, Fukushima Diary reported the landslide in 100km from Mt. Fuji. (cf, [Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] Large landslide happened in 100km from Mt. Fuji, 80m high, 70m wide


[Not Radiation effect] Mutated tulip with 3 flowers from one stem in Ibaraki

Following up this article..[Not radiation effect] Mutated cabbage with 4 small ones outside and 10 inside, produced in western JP [URL] More mutated plants were found in North Ibaraki. These


1,527 Bq/Kg of radioactive silver from house centipede in Fukushima “Concentration factor is 700 times Cs-137”

  According to a Japanese NPO, WINEP, arthropod’s concentration factor of radioactive silver (Ag-110m) is significantly higher than Cs-137/134. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare didn’t make the safety level

Domestic and global Environment

Sendai city to take back decontamination waste from purification center to dump in elementary school

  38 m3 of radioactive soil is going to be dumped in the area of an elementary school in Sendai city Miyagi. The soil is the waste of decontamination. It


Former vice minister of Reconstruction agency died of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias in Miyagi

  Former vice minister of Reconstruction agency, Konno (Former member of the House of Councillors from Democratic Party of Japan) died of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias on 4/24/2013. He was hospitalized

Contaminated water crisis

[Out of control] Tritium leaked from 4 of 7 reservoirs, “1,100,000,000Bq/m3 from reservoir No.1”

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, radioactive water Tritium was detected outside of 4 of the 7 reservoirs. According to Tepco, Tritium was detected from the drain hole


[Column] I don’t believe my grandparents

This one-room apartment has a shower and toilet, but the shower booth leaks so I have to put my old T shirts around the booth. The toilet tank also leaks.


CTBT measured unusually high level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m 4/8~4/9, Vienna “It’s due to N. Korea”

According to CTBT, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’s radiation monitoring post in Takasaki Gunma, unusual level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m were measured from 4/8 ~ 4/9/2013. CTBT in Japan comments Xe-133 has