[Column] I don’t believe my grandparents

This one-room apartment has a shower and toilet, but the shower booth leaks so I have to put my old T shirts around the booth.
The toilet tank also leaks. I have to shake it 5 times a day.
A part of the wall is thin as well.
Around 20:00 everyday, the guy in the next room talks on the phone. I’ve seen him only once. Maybe he’s in early 20s, not the most manly guy in the world.
When he talks on the phone, he makes the low voice. Maybe his mom calls him everyday.
I don’t know what he’s talking but he says a lot of “um errr”, “a, a” in the manly voice.

Life in București is not painful. I have a lot of time to work.
However, work and think are somewhat different. When you research, analyze and write, you don’t much listen to yourself.

It’s not only myself. I noticed I haven’t talked to my family since I left Japan. I hate phone call.

Mother, uncle, aunt, grandparents and father, I haven’t talked to them. Actually I didn’t talk to them when I was leaving Japan. I didn’t want to cause a problem. I just wanted them to see me leaving.

Still I don’t want to cause a problem. However, maybe none of them would leave there. My grandparents are living near Mt. Fuji. They were always saying they know they would die when Mt. Fuji erupts or a major earthquake hits, which are kinda likely.

I didn’t believe they “know it”.

Everyone lies to themselves.
Sometimes people tell me it’s meaningless to move to Romania because it’s also contaminated because of Chernobyl. Every time they tell that to me, I find myself trying not to think about that. (I’m taking some measures about it.)

My grandparents are lying to themselves. My uncle and aunt are lying to themselves. I lie to myself.
Worse than making the low voice to sound manly. Maybe I’d be told off after-life or whatsoever.

It’s hard to live honestly.



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Français :

[Édito] Je ne crois pas mes grands-parents


Cet appartement d’une seule pièce dispose d’une douche et de toilettes mais la cabine de douche fuit tellement que je dois mettre mes vieux T-shirts autour de la cabine.
Le réservoir des WC fuit aussi. Je dois le secouer 5 fois par jour.
Une partie du mur est fine aussi.
Tous les jours vers 20:00, le type à côté parle au téléphone. Je ne l’ai croisé qu’une seule fois. Il a sans doute pas loin de 20 ans, pas le mec le plus viril du monde.
Lorsqu’il parle au téléphone, il prend une voix grave. Sans doute que sa mère l’appelle tous les jours.
Je ne sais pas de quoi ils parlent mais il fait tout le temps des “hum euuh”, “ha, ah” d’un ton viril.

La vie dans Bucarest n’est pas difficile. J’ai beaucoup de temps pour travailler.
Toutefois, travailler et penser sont des choses différentes. Lorsque vous cherchez, analysez et écrivez, vous ne faites pas beaucoup attention à vous.

Il n’y a pas que moi. J’ai remarqué que je n’ai pas parlé à ma famille depuis que j’ai quitté le Japon. J’ai horreur du téléphone.

Ma mère, mon oncle, ma tenate, mes grand-parents et mon père, je ne leur ai même pas parlé. En fait, je ne leur ai pas parlé quand j’ai quitté le Japon. Je ne voulais pas leur faire de problème. Je voulais seulement qu’ils me voient partir.

Je ne veux toujours pas faire de problème. Sans doute qu’aucun ne partira de là-bas. Mes grand-parents vivent près du Mt. Fuji. Ils disaient tout le temps qu’ils mourraient si le Mt. Fuji entre en éruption ou s’il y a un séisme majeur, ce qui peut arriver.

Je ne croyais pas qu’ils “le savaient”.

Chacun se ment à lui-même.
Les gens me disent parfois qu’aller en Roumanie est insensé parce que c’est contaminé aussi à cause de Tchernobyl. Chaque fois qu’on me dit ça, je me vois en train d’éviter d’y penser. (je prends quelques mesures contre ça.)

Mes grand-parents se mentent à eux-mêmes. Mon oncle et ma tante se mentent à eux-mêmes. Je me ment à moi-même.
C’est pire que de prendre une voix grave pour avoir l’air viril. Ça me sera reproché peut-être après ma mort, ou autrement.

C’est dur à vivre, franchement.

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  1. Ever considered working for a Nipponese company in England?

    The North East has Nissan and Komatsu as higher profile employers,sure you will have to work alongside Tyne and Wear but due to inedequacies in the Gene pool you will do well.

    It’s about time you British readers pulled yer finger out and found this man a job!

  2. Firstly to Bonsai guy, no way that a high profile employer would be looking for someone with a working history like Mochizuki-san. That’s not meant in any way offensively, but just realise that these companies can take their top pick from the talent pool in Japan and abroad.
    Nd in practice, being colleagues, it’s way too difficult to be avoiding the subject of nuclear at work all day.
    Also, having co-workers and visitors coming over from Japan all the time bringing all sorts of treats which you might be expected to eat.
    Then, you’d have to believe in the future health of Japanese companies too.
    As for Mochizuki-san I hope he’ll be to put his energy in his current activities with FD.

    On-topic to Mochizuki-san, I would think your family would worry very much about you. Not talking to them for over two years, you might seem more like a dead relative than if you had stayed in Japan with them. I’d be thankful if my grandparents were still alive and I had the opportunity to talk to them. Or even just some present, something nice, would surely make them very happy.

    Lastly, I’m in Europe but not using paypal. Please let me know if you have an account in Romania, or in Eurozone at least where I can send some euros by bank transfer. You can email me if you don’t want the details public.

    Kind regards.

  3. The English are idiots,thus even people with no English and a culture of communist work ethic arrive one a minute to live and work the benefits system here.

    This is additional to the layabouts already present,layabouts who do not contribute for ‘historical’ reasons and instead vote communist or for independence.

    What we need is those with the courage of conviction,those who,like the Rebel Soldier,are far from their home.

    As if you bring an extended family with you it’s a clear sign of non integrative intent.

  4. I live in a country neighbouring Romania. We’ve been jointly attacked by several Air Forces in 1999 for several months. The bombs they dropped were radioactive. They did the same to a country neighbouring mine in 1994. You know them, they did this atrocity first to your country in 1945.
    I guess we have more radiation then Romania does, but that’s still far from the pictures of Japan’s mutated flora and fauna.

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