[Column] Bills in my pocket

If we don’t help anyone, always compare with someone else, follow the fashion and gold, we are already living in hell.
If you want to live in vain, I’d recommend you to try to be “superior” to anyone around you.

I cannot save everyone I see. Maybe I’m bailing out the ocean with a spoon. I know I’m a fool. You can say whatever you want but if you understand me a little, that’d be helpful.

I go out for dinner every evening because it’s cheaper than cooking by myself in this country.
That’s the only time when I interact with the local world. lol
That waitress I talked to last week has been working for 3 months with no day off.
To save money, the restaurant is not employing anyone else and trying to use her until she drops dead.
Unfortunately, this kind of thing can be frequently seen here.
She works from 10AM to 0AM everyday for 300€ a month. This is a crime.
You may think it happens any country, Japan, America, France, wherever.

Maybe that’s true, but the difference is that there is no safety net here.

In her case, she quit her school, and she’s 23. There is no hope to make it better. Once she quits the restaurant, maybe she can’t find another job except for hurting herself for a penny.

In the back office, 5 guys and 1 old woman are sitting at the table. They are chatting, laughing, drinking, not even working.
I asked her if I order a little bit more, would she get any incentive. She said no.
I quit ordering tea (1€) and keeping it in my pocket because she didn’t take it. I’m thinking about what to do with it. It’s not my money. It’s money that I borrowed from her, and all the other ones being lynched by the society only because of a tiny mistake in their lives.
I decided to spend even less and use the margin directly for the unfairly rewarded employees.

There are some people kicking stray dogs at a bus stop. At least it’s not the most productive thing they could do.
The world is not running on oil, not even nuclear. It’s running by burning someone’s hope.




Français :

[Édito] Factures en poche


Si l’on n’aide personne, si on se compare toujours à quelqu’un, si on suit la mode et l’argent, on vit déjà en enfer.
Si vous ne voulez vivre pour rien, je vous conseille d’être “supérieur” à tous ceux autour de vous.

Je ne peux pas sauver tous les gens que je vois. Peut-être que j’essaye de vider la mer avec une cuillère. Je sais que je suis fou. Vous pouvez dire ce que vous voulez, mais si vous me comprenez un petit peu, ça devrait aider.

Je sors tous les soirs pour dîner parce que dans ce pays c’est moins cher que faire la cuisine moi-même.
C’est le seul moment où j’interagis avec le monde local. lol
Cette serveuse à qui j’ai parlé la semaine dernière a travaillé 3 mois sans un seul jour de repos.
Pour économiser, le restaurant n’emploie personne d’autre et essaye de l’utiliser jusqu’à ce qu’elle tombe raide.
Malheureusement, on voit fréquemment ce genre de choses ici.
Elle travaille de 10 h du matin à minuit tous les jours et pour 300 € par mois. C’est un crime.
Vous pouvez penser que c’est pareil dans tous les pays,  Japon, Amérique, France, partout.

C’est peut-être vrai mais la différence c’est qu’il n’y a pas de réseau de sécurité ici.

Dans son cas, elle a quitté l’école et elle a 23 ans. Il n’y a aucun espoir pour arranger ça. Si elle quitte ce restaurant, elle ne pourra peut-être pas trouver un autre emploi sauf à se faire mal pour presque pas un sou.

A l’arrière, 5 mecs et une vieille femme sont assis à une table. Ils papotent, rigolent, boivent, ne travaillent même pas.
Je lui ai demandé si je commandais un petit peu plus, est-ce qu’elle en serait plus motivée. Elle a dit non.
J’ai fini en commandant un thé (1€) et je l’ai mis dans ma poche parce qu’elle n’en a pas voulu. Je me demande quoi en faire. Ce n’est pas mon argent. C’est l’argent que je lui ai emprunté et à tous les autres qui sont lynchés par la société uniquement à cause de toutes petites erreurs dans leur vie.
J’ai décidé de dépenser encore moins et d’utiliser le rab directement pour les employés mal récompensés.

Il y a des gens qui donnent des coups de pieds aux chiens errants à l’arrêt de bus. Ce n’est pas la chose la plus productive qu’ils puissent faire.
Le monde ne marche pas avec le pétrole, ni même le nucléaire. Il fonctionne en brûlant les espoirs de certains.

  1. Lori,
    I feel your despair. Those of us with tender hearts will always have them broken. My heart weeps when I see the suffering that has been and that will come, but knowing that there are still many people that truly care, hope still rises. Take good care. Namaste

  2. This world is a much better place from your presence and caring. Please never forget this fact. Namaste

  3. True. I agree on this column! I live in Holland and I also had some bad luck in my teenage years thanks to some little mistake I made at school when I was 10 years old. I’m 20 now and society treats me like shit. And indeed it burns up my hope for the future of this rotten society.

  4. Tears roll down my cheeks and I do agree with you. We are on a wonderful earth of abundance. Iori, look what a grain gives when it grows… so many other grains, enough for reproducing and for feeding others. We do live in an illusion. The greatest illusion is money. Look in a book what all the nature is offering us to eat this spring. So many edible plants that can feed you and make you strong, very strong. Or look for it on internet. So many plants you can collect some leaves for an extra vit C rich salad, to give a tiny example. This little plant will continue her life and bring an astonishing yellow star with 8 petals, but if it is a sunny day only. But we do focus on money to live. A money… and all what is connected to it. Draw off this illusion. It is a total illusion even if every one believes in it. But this needs every awaken people to realize what knowledge we are fed through school and media. We do lack of primordial knowledge, but today we can still have access to it. In all situations, you have the solution, you have the resolution of it in your close neighborhood if not inside yourself. Please go on and remember and gather useful knowledge. Withdraw from the focus of money even if everybody brings you back to it. Could be helpful to every one and everything around you. I do my best and struggle a lot too.

    May you be blessed in all your actions dear Iori.

  5. Sure this Romanian lady could have some hope. There is always hope.
    If it’s for the money, she could marry a rich man for example.
    Or start her own business.

    If she liked to contribute to society, she could produce some stuff to sell on the side. Maybe if she had an art talent she could produce some painting.
    Many things are possible.

    Also, why have none of the poor people of Romania moved to Svalbard if life could be better there?

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