[Column] Bravery to be individual

Three children got thyroid cancer. Seven more children are likely to have thyroid cancer too. [URL]
Who and how can take this responsibility ?

The thyroid test is not conducted in metropolitan area. The potential cancer cases are left unrecognized.

Since 311, a lot of people turned to be instant philosopher.
Those zen masters like to say, life is quality, not quantity.

but at least I couldn’t fully enjoy my life being afraid of having cancer anytime.
Quality and quantity are in the strong connection.

They say, 1/3 people die of cancer anyway, it’s such a small increase of death rate.
If they think so, they should visit those children and their parents and say they same thing, 1/3 people die of cancer .. They may want to add, thyroid cancer is easy to treat, so it’s not that big deal, or it’s their fault, they forgot to smile so they got the cancer etc..

Nobody takes responsibility but yourself.
When you have disease, you must face the pain, the threat of death, financial pressure and the total concern about the future all by yourself.
Even if they say it’s not the harmful level, quality of life is more important than quantity, when you actually have cancer, they disappear without taking any responsibility for their manipulation. They never fix your disease, never cover your medical expense.

This is the matter of you, not your people. You can’t share it with anyone else.

I’m one of them who are constantly concerned of my potential health problem 24/7.
To decide the things that may affect the rest of your life, you need to be more brave than ever.
It may hurt your people, most of them will oppose you because you are right.
I hope it encourages these people the fact that one of the victims left Japan, moved to Europe, keeps informing the world of endless Fukushima effect with the infinite tenacity.
I know it won’t change so much, but I hope this post will help a Fukushima mother make up her mind.




Français :

[Édito] Du courage de l’individualisme

Trois enfants ont un cancer de la thyroïde. Sept autres de plus aussi en ont peut-être un. [Lien]
Comment et qui peut prendre en charge cette responsabilité ?

Les examens de thyroïde ne sont pas fait dans la région métropolitaine. Les cas de cancers potentiels sont laissés à l’abandon.

Depuis le 11-3, beaucoup de gens sont devenus des philosophes de l’instant.
Pour ces en quelque sorte maîtres du zen, la vie est qualité, pas quantité.

Mais je ne pourrais pas, au minimum, profiter pleinement de ma vie en craignant tout le temps d’avoir un cancer.
Qualité et quantité sont étroitement liées.

Ils disent qu’un tiers des gens meurent de cancer de toute façon, que c’est une toute petite augmentation de la mortalité.
S’ils pensent ainsi, ils devraient aller le dire à ces enfants et à leurs parents, qu’un tiers des gens meurent de cancer .. Ils pourraient même ajouter que le cancer de la thyroïde est facile à soigner, que ce n’est pas une si grosse affaire, ou que c’est de leur faute, qu’ils ont oublié de sourire alors c’est pour ça, etc.

Personne d’autre que vous n’en prend la responsabilité.
Quand vous attrapez une maladie, vous devez affronter la douleur, la menace de mort, la pression financière et l’angoisse totale du futur, tout, par vous-même.
Même s’ils disent que ce n’est pas à un niveau dangereux, la qualité de vie est plus importante que sa quantité, quand vous avez effectivement un cancer, ils disparaissent sans assumer quelque responsabilité que ce soit sur leurs manipulations. Ils n’assumeront jamais votre maladie, ni ne régleront vos dépenses médicales.

Ça vous regarde vous, pas les gens. On ne peut pas partager ça avec quiconque.

Je suis l’un de ceux qui sont inquiets en permanence par la possibilité d’avoir un problème de santé, 24/7.
Vous devez être plus courageux que jamais pour décider des choses qui peuvent changer le reste de votre vie.
Ça peut choquer vos connaissances, la plupart d’entre elles vous contrediront parce que vous avez raison.
J’espère que ça encourage ces gens, le fait qu’une des victimes ait quitté le Japon, soit partie en Europe, continue avec une ténacité infinie d’informer le monde sur les interminables effets de Fukushima.
Je sais que ça ne changera pas grand chose mais j’espère que cet édito aidera à se décider une mère de Fukushima.

  1. “Thyroid cancers related to Chernobyl started appearing only three to four years post-accident” according to Dr. Helen Caldicott, founder of Physicialn for Social Responsibility. If this is true–and Dr, Caldicott has no reason to lie–then the cancers are only beginning. It is likely that the media blackout will soon extend to cancer victims and other radio-diseases, for once the gov’t starts telling lies, they cannot stop without losing legitimacy.

    “Because the Fukushima accident released 2.5 to 3 times more radiation than Chernobyl and because Japan is far more densely populated than the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and because one million people have died within 25 years as a result of Chernobyl, we expect to see more than one million Japanese casualties over the next 25 years. But the incubation time for cancer after radiation exposure varies from 2 to 90 years in this generation. These facts also apply to all future generations in Japan that will be exposed to a radioactive environment and radioactive food.” http://www.helencaldicott.com/2012/08/the-nuclear-sacrifice-of-our-children/

    I’d suggest that anyone who minimizes or dismisses the seriousness of this accident is either a T3PC0 shill or a useful idiot. The children deserve better.

  2. I’m still praying for Japan!! And for everyone
    exposed to these threats on a daily basis.

    Iori, There are real ways to reduce your risk
    and detox after your exposure! Please listen
    to many commenters here. You made the right
    decisions to evacuate. But, you should keep
    on giving yourself every chance to get the
    radioactive substances out of your body.
    Many methods have been proven to work, in
    scientific, double-blind clinical studies!!…

    But, I still think that prayers are critical
    these days!! I worry so much for the Japanese,
    although I live far away! 🙁

    1. I think fundamentally that no one can escape
      unscathed from this record nuclear disaster…

      So, we all must come together to help and to
      share information.

      It is helpful to call on the Good Lord in prayer,
      when facing something much larger than a mere
      individual. Yet each individual can make a vast

      Thanks, Iori! God bless!

  3. The Midnight Solution : a Nation on Medication .

    Sounds absurd ?
    Sharks do not get cancers , even the lab-induced .

    The Japanese can take three times a day ( see best way ) both or either enzymatic Shark Cartilage powder ( large doses ) and Inositol Hexaphosphate / IP-6 by Dr. Michael Murray formula ( via Natural Factors Co. ) .
    This will became their new diet standard for the rest of their lives as a Status Quo of a radioactive nation .

    So here you have a real solution that doesn’t require evacuation .

    Huge P.S. : YES , I witness the Shark Cartilage solution ( have Hospital documentation ) and that person is now alived after metastazed cancer FIFTEEN years after she supposed to be dead according to ‘doctors’ .
    I have a BIG Finger for those ‘doctors’ … The Hippocratic Oath is more of what it sounds like , hypocritical .

    1. … but shark cartilage does not prevent birth defects due to radiation exposure cutting/cleaving the DNA .

      So the Nation must do insemination , fertilization , gestation , birth and a few years after in total control of the persons involved that also includs organic non-radioactive foods .
      That will be a very precious and expensive procreation …

      But with 100 more nuclear reactors announced to be built in neighboring Asia , in the long run the Japanese may inherit the entire hellish Earth alone !
      Who would have thought Abe was right !! 🙂

      1. So only people free from birth defects are allowed to be born? That’s Eugenics. We’ve been down that dark road once before – with Hitler.

        Are you aware the man who invented A/C power and the technology that allows its long distance transmission, Steinmetz was born with multiple birth defects, including dwarfism? Or you might be killing the next Steve Jobs off. Or the next Stevie Wonder, just because he is blind.

        Everyone deserves to live. Playing God will bring down God’s wrath on us.

  4. “You can pray all you want, I will not hear you because you did not do what was right. Thus sayeth The Lord your God”.

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