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[Express] “0.353 μSv/h at Yokohama station”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> At Yokohama station. It’s the first time to measure 0.3μSv/h, I was shocked. It was indicating this level for over

Confirmed effects

Lawyer “Psychodiagnosis medical dept. is full of patients to suffer from strong fatigue in Kohriyama city Fukushima”

  ↑ 4:15 ~   On 12/24/2012, the lawsuit of Fukushima group evacuation had a protest in fron of MEXT. In the protest, the lawyer Yanagihara read a message from


[Column] The beautiful day

The yellow color of the light reminded me of 3/16/2011. I sometimes work at a cafe with a cup of coffee. 3/15 and 3/16 are when the biggest plume reached


Children’s blood pressure increased by up to 20% after 311 in Fukushima, 1.8% of 9~10 y.o boys have over 90mmHg min

According to Fukushima prefecture, blood pressure of 9~10 years old children and 12 ~ 13 years old children increased in 2011 compared to before 2010. The children are in Minamisoma


Fallout level in Fukushima city spiked again, “the 3rd highest reading in February”

The fallout level in Fukushima city has been unusually high in February for some reason. On 2/3 and 2/5/2013, the fallout level reached the highest readings since last May. [URL]

Effects to be confirmed

[Express] Clinic “Hay fever patients have nosebleed since last month, it has never happened before”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> A clinic in Chuoku Osaka said, the cases that hay fever patients have nosebleed have been increasing since the end


920 mSv/h from the basement floor of reactor1, “Is fractured fuel debris in S/C ?”

On 2/20/2013, Tepco investigated inside of torus room of reactor1. [URL 1] Torus room is where the facility called S/C (suppression chamber) is located. S/C is a part of the