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Public prosecutors won’t prosecute Katsumata of Tepco, Fukushima citizens demanded Tepco to surrender to justice

According to freelance journalist Tanaka, Tepco’s former chairman Katsumata will not be prosecuted due to the lack of evidence. Plaintiffs from Fukushima surrounded public prosecutors office and Tepco and demanded

Contaminated water crisis

[Another step to discharge contaminated water to the sea] Tepco to make a trial run of ALPS

Tepco plans to discharge contaminated water to the sea. In order to justify themselves to discharge retained water, they are building the new water purifying facility called ALPS, which is


Fallout detected in Fukushima Daini too

According to Tepco, fallout was detected in Fukushima Daini as well.   Sampling date : 2012/12/28 10:40 AM ~ 2013/2/1 2:30 PM Sampling location : Administrative Office Building Cs-134 :


[Column] Going home

    I sat down on the bench. 12/15/2011, I was on the way to Narita airport. My mom came to the station to see me off but noticed that

Spent Fuel Pools

Photos and videos of Tepco’s SFP investigation in reactor3

When Tepco was removing debris from around the SFP of reactor3 on 2/6/2013, they dropped 1.5 tones of the fuel handling machine mast into the pool. [URL 1]   The


Tepco investigated the operation floor of reactor2 with gamma camera

On 2/21/2013, Tepco investigated the operation floor (5F) of reactor2 with gamma camera.      Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Tepco explore l’étage opérationnel


Photos, videos and other details about reactor1 torus room investigation

On 2/20/2013, Tepco investigated inside of the torus room of reactor1. (cf, 920 mSv/h from the basement floor of reactor1, “Is fractured fuel debris in S/C ?” [URL]) They released