Thyroid cancer found from Fukushima children

Thyroid cancer found from Fukushima children

↑ Children’s thyroid test [Link]


“Thyroid desease” of Fukushima children is turning to be thyroid cancer like in Chernobyl.

In March, Fukushima government conducted thyroid test for under 18 in 13 cities and towns such as Minamisoma city, Namiemachi, Iidatemura, Tomiokamachi etc.. By March 2012, about 38,000 children had the test. (cf. Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl)

On 9/11/2012, Fukushima local government announced they found unignorable thyroid nodules from 60 of children to need a follow-up test, and they found thyroid cancer from one of them.

Prof. Suzuki from Fukushima medical university comments, Chernobyl leaked more radiation than Fukushima, but it took 4 years before they started having cancer at least. It is hard to think this case of thyroid cancer has something to do with Fukushima accident.

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Un cancer de la thyroïde trouvé sur un enfant de Fukushima

Un cancer de la thyroïde trouvé sur un enfant de Fukushima

↑ examen de la thyroïde sur un enfant [Lien]


Comme à Tchernobyl, la “maladie de la thyroïde” des enfants de Fukushima évolue en cancer.

En mars, les autorités de Fukushima ont fait examiner les thyroïdes des mineurs de moins de 18 ans dans 13 villes et villages tels que Minamisoma, Namiemachi, Iidatemura, Tomiokamachi, etc.. Vers mars 2012, environ 38 000 enfants ont été examinés. (cf. La proportion de nodules thyroïdiens à Fukushima est 20 fois plus élevée qu’à Tchernobyl)

Le 11 septembre 2012, les autorités de Fukushima ont annoncé qu’ils ont trouvé des nodules thyroïdiens manifestes sur 60 des enfants, nodules demandant un examen complémentaire, et l’un d’eux s’est révélé être un cancer.

Le Pr. Suzuki de l’université médicale de Fukushima en dit que “Tchernobyl a relâché plus de radioactivité que Fukushima mais il a fallu au moins 4 ans avant que les cancers se déclarent. Il est difficile de croire que ce cas de cancer ait un lien avec l’accident de Fukushima.”

Article lié : M. Yamashita : “Je réduis le budget des dédommagements pour sauver le gouvernement, et les gens.”


  1. This news brought tears to my eyes. I knew this day was coming soon, and now it’s here… It took one year and a half for the cancer to show up. Perhaps the cancer had developed a while ago. Based on the research done on Chernobyl children scientists had made predictions on when children of Fukushima may start showing signs of thyroid cancer. But they also knew the Fukushima disaster was unprecedented and the amount of radiation that leaked and continues to leak, that much higher than Chernobyl. The question is, will the Japanese people now focus their entire energy on the nuclear issue instead of turning a blind eye to it?

  2. I really wish ignorant American and European people would stop commenting with ‘the Japanese people’ this and that. There’s nothing I’m more nauseated by than people constantly holding this terror over our human cousins heads like they somehow need to “pick themselves up, dust themselves off.” Your stand-offish idiotic commentary will be proven useless when the world’s population of life starts to die off or show signs of genetic damage because 3/11 is domestic terrorism, not the fault of consumers. If people can’t see that there’s a wave of resource commodification by corporate fascists influenced entirely by Eugenics and a religion-like ambition to dominate every species on this planet, then it proves this just by human ignorance to the inter-species predation. If there’s one thing I wish, besides a time machine to go back and erase nuclear fission from this planet, it’s that ignorant sheltered consumers would stop with their petty commentary on anything having to do with Japan. I think of that beautiful island every day of my life, and I’m infuriated at the lack of response the average citizen has given to this topic.

  3. I hope Japanese people will be smart enough to realize that children get thyroid cancer no matter where they live. They should be asking if the occurrence of cancer is significantly higher in Fukushima than the national average. My educated guess is that it isn’t.

  4. The picture of a child getting thyroid checked made me cry. If Japanese government had evacuated people properly, children didn’t have to suffer. This professor is still trying to conceal the fact. Fukushima leaked more radiation than Chernobyl. The Professor Suzuki said that “it’s hard think that this case of thyroid cancer is linked to Fukushima accident”, but there is no proof that it isn’t. It was an unprecedented accident and is till ongoing. They should use Chernobyl and other research data to protect people, not to downplay the reality.

  5. The article sounds very scary, but in fact it only highlights ONE case of thyroid cancer which has a cure rate of over 95%…

    1. Hi banana
      no problem , just over radiation
      I mean over reaction

      I think Abe, the city mayor of Kawasaki
      has some tangerines and apples for you

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