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[Column] Angry

I got my spare credit card sent from Japan. I need it to found my company. Yes, my company. It is being registered in this East European country. Because still


The supercomputer of the Meteorological Agency suddenly disordered, no prospect of restoration

At 20:48 of 2/4/2013, the supercomputer of the Meteorological Agency for weather forecasting suddenly got disordered. A part of the weather charts can’t be made as usual. According to the


25,000 households got blackout in Tokyo and Kanagawa for unknown reason

Around 1:00AM 2/5/2013, 24,600 households got power blackout for some reason. (200 in Tokyo, 24,400 in Kanagawa) Tepco comments the reason is not verified yet. In Tokyo area, power blackout

Confirmed effects

[Express] “I and my daughter got thyroid problems though we left Tokyo on 3/16/2011”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Quick update. Just had a thyroid test. My daughter turned out to have 3 thyroid cysts and I turned out

Spent Fuel Pools

Minor debris removed from SFP of reactor3

On 2/4/2013, Tepco reported they removed the minor debris from SFP of reactor3. The removal of steel truss debris is planned for early February but it’s not started yet.


Fallout in Fukushima spiked again

According to Fukushima prefecture, the fallout level in Fukushima city spiked again.   It is the highest reading since 1/6~1/7/2013. [URL]     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français :


[Column] The difference between western and eastern culture I learnt

I’ve been in this western culture for longer than a year 24/7. Not to mention, Europe and North America have so much difference. (and European culture is more like eastern