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[Column] Doors

I needed translators. I can’t even distinguish sugar and salt at a supermarket. I study Romanian but I need to be able to understand everything like native, now. I have

Natural disasters

[Sign of eruption ?] There has been over 1300 quakes in Hakone since mid January of 2013

Fuji TV reported there has been over 1,300 quakes in Hakone from 1/15 to 2/14/2013. The epicenter is near Owakudani. On 2/10/2013, a scale 5 happened but Japan meteorological agency

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima worker doubts the reliability of the new water purifying facility Alps

Tepco tries to start the new water purifying facility Alps to discharge contaminated water to the sea. Alps is supposed to filter 62 sorts of radionuclides except for tritium. [URL]

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water overflowed from the tank of reactor5 and 6 in the end

↑ The overflowed water. 20 m³ is an amount. Tepco releases only the pictures taken in night time.   The tanks of retained contaminated water are getting full, Tepco is


Plant parameter of reactor1 since 7/12/2012 is missing from Tepco’s Japanese webpage

A part of the plant parameter data (CSV) of reactor1 is missing from Tepco’s Japanese website. The missing data includes reactor temperature, volume of injecting water, density of Xe-135 etc,