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Domestic and global Environment

Fukushima city government bottles Fukushima tapwater to sell

In order to fight harmful rumor, Fukushima city government is selling bottled tapwater at conference or events held in the city. (100 yen for 500ml) They started selling it in


[No radiation involved] “Most of the presented vegetables were deformed from Nishigo mura Fukushima”

Introducing the important tweet for more simultaneous updates.     <Translate> My mom was presented vegetables (Carrots and potatoes) from Nishigomura Fukushima, but most of them were deformed.. Only vegetables


Only 4 smelt samples collected in Haruna lake, 340Bq/Kg measured but fishing restriction is lifted

  In Haruna lake of Gunma, the fishery corporative tried to collect the samples of Japanese pond smelt to analyze the radiation level. The smelt fishing is their main industry,

Natural disasters

USGS reported the Japanese “M6.4” as M6.9

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), a large earthquake hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] Japan Meteorological Agency reported it to be M6.4, but USGS reported it to be M6.9.   ↓ Japan

Natural disasters

[Raindrop?] Strange light captured in the official live camera when M6.4 Hokkaido, before the power blackout

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), M6.4 hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] A strange light was captured in the live camera when the earthquake hit. The live camera is assumed to be

Natural disasters

[Earthquake] M6.4 Hokkaido

M6.4 hit Hokkaido. The seismic scale is 5+. It was 2 around Fukushima plant. It reached Tokyo too and the seismic scale was about 2 as well.