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Cesium measured from small dried sardine in Kagawa prefecture in 2012

  According to Tohto co-op, 6 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from small dried sardine. The origin is Kagawa prefecture. Sampling date is 2/14/2012. Kagawa prefecture is in the island

Confirmed effects

[Column] Silence

Something is changing. I’ve been holding the idea that evacuation is the most powerful protest and been trying to spread it as much as possible, but it used to be

Confirmed effects

Abiko city conducted thyroid test for pre-elementary school students, “Only visual examination and palpation”

Abiko city Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot conducted the thyroid test for the 1,170 children to enter elementary school this spring. None of the swelling or stiffness


Convulsion cases spiked up after 311 in Miyagi, Doctor “It’s due to the stress.”

According to the researching group from Tohoku university and Kesennuma city hospital in Miyagi, the ratio of the emergency transport for convulsion spiked up from 0% (2010) to 19.7% (2011)

Confirmed effects

Fukushima medical university “The only health problem caused by Chernobyl was thyroid cancer”

Fukushima medical university had a meeting about their thyroid test for nearly 50 residents on 1/27/2013 in Iwaki city. (cf, Fukushima prefectural gov doesn’t publish the latest thyroid test result


Kepco to pay OBs 1,500,000$ by raising power rates

Kepco is going to raise the power rates by 11.88 % for households from this April. However, they are going to pay their 14 OBs 1,544,103$ (140,000,000¥) as “advisors”. One

Contaminated water crisis

[Tepco report] Progress and schedule of the groundwater bypass construction

Tepco released the report about the progress and schedule of the groundwater bypass construction.     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : [Rapport Tepco] Avancée et planning de la


Suspension of reactor3 gas control system

On 1/29/2013, Tepco stopped the gas control system of reactor3 due to the partial pipe replacement with steel pipe and control panel modification.     Iori Mochizuki _____

Core removing struggle

[Column] Amateur doctor

Tepco tried to open a hole to look inside of the torus room of reactor2. Torus room is where S/C is located. S/C is the coolant facility of nuclear reactor

Core removing struggle

[Unanticipated] Tepco failed in investigating the torus room of reactor2 “Different from the map”

From 1/27 to 1/28/2013, Tepco opened a hole (Diameter 300) on the top of the torus room of reactor2. The purpose was to investigate inside of the torus room with