NIED, “Gravity of the moon and sun triggered the earthquake of 311”

Researcher. Tanaka from National research institute for earth science and disaster prevention published there is a high possibility that the gravity of the moon or sun triggered the earthquake of 311.

She analyzed 500 earthquakes over M5.0 from 1976 to 2011 in 500km × 200km area around the active fault to have caused 311 and figured out more earthquakes occurred when the gravity was strong toward 311.

Earth stretches twice a day due to the gravity of the moon and sun. The ground comes up and down by 20cm and it adds energy to the active fault. Though it’s only 1/1000 of the crooking energy of the plate but she focused on the energy caused by the gravity.





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NIED : “L’attraction de la lune et du soleil ont provoqué le séisme du 11 mars”

M. Tanaka chercheur au NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention) publie qu’il est fortement probable que l’attraction de la lune et du soleil aient provoqué le séisme du 11 mars.

Elle a analysé 500 séismes de plus de 5,0 de magnitude entre 1976 et 2011 sur une zone de 500 × 200 km autour de la faille active qui a provoqué le 11 mars et compris qu’il y a plus de séismes lorsque l’attraction est forte comme le 11 mars.

La Terre se déforme deux fois par jour à cause de l’attraction de la lune et du soleil. Le sol monte et descend sur 20 cm et ça ajoute de l’énergie aux failles actives, bien que ce soit seulement 1/1000 de l’énergie de torsion de la plaque. Elle s’est concentrée sur l’énergie provoqué par les attractions.


  1. Grigory Volovik and Kerson Huang of MIT both posted separately papers entitled ” The Super Fluid Universe ” proved by using Empirical formulas :



    and my own removed UPN theory that deduces only Logically ( no formulas or math ) that the Universe and us are made of a special SuperFluid ( closed for ‘sponsors’ reasons )

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    2) A SuperFluid Universe means that ALL Possible phenomena that CAN Possibly happen in the Universe can be ONLY : waves , vortices and their Harmonics ! Take a few moments to have that sink-in …

    3) A SuperFluid Universe means that Gravity is Also a part of the SuperFluid !! Bingo ! Now we can say with Certitude that what holds in orbits the Earth , Sun , the Solar system and other billion stars MUST be powerful enough to influence the Magma inside the Earth to agitate enough to emerge as Lava and cause earthquakes , volcanism and global warming …

    4) Our solar system in its orbit around the centre of our galaxy , is approaching the Orion Arm ( spiraling out of the galaxy centre ) which is a high concentration of stars hence more Turbulent Gravity to shake our world , so get ready to rock-and-roll into the oceans plus a global warming for the next few Thausand years ( remains DO show bananas growing at the poles while the poles were at their Present geographical locations ) … Carbon Tax ?? Tax the Gravity , fool !

    Conclusion : gravity should not have any problems causing/triggering earthquakes ( and volcanoes , and massive tides , and planets Ruptures , and Solar internal turbulance as in CMEs ) .

    But my UPN shows that just like Riding a wave , we could also be Gravity-Sailing …. hmmm hmmm hmmm Moma !

  2. I absolutely agreed with her statement that ” The ground comes up and down by 20cm and it adds energy to the active fault.” Though I am not specific about data-wise but I am taking this change in my observatory at Coimbatore,South India and fixing the location of earthquakes in advance for the last 15 years and listed in my website till date.I feel that the change in imaginary earth axis due to various forces acted on earth by minute by minute which may goes inside the earth and activate the liquid lava which ultimately affects the plate tectonics floated on it, hence the quake activity emerges.

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