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[Column] Why Fukushima Diary reports Japanese political situation that has drifted to the right

Among Japanese people who have been worried about radiation, the biggest concern is conscription at the time. This may sound difficult to understand for non-Japanese nationality holders, but this is


[Double-faced Japanese media] Newspaper reports the same thing differently in English and Japanese

On 12/19/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Fukushima gov’t tried to kill proposal to store baby teeth for future radiation checks. [Link] The primary source, Mainichi newspaper however reported this differently in their


0.1 Bq/Kg of cesium measured from urine of children in Akita

In Yokote city Akita, cesium is measured from urine of children. The parents had their children have urine test. (November. 2012) (Cs-137) 0.095 Bq/Kg from 5 years old boy 0.1

Natural disasters

The possibility of Chiba to be hit scale 6- in 30 years is 75.7%

Earthquake Research Committee of the government published the possibility of various regions that may be hit by an earthquake larger than scale 6- in 30 years, which was revised by

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to start inspection of common spent fuel pool

Fukushima Diary reported common spent fuel pool is more heated than the pools of rector1, 2 and 3. [Link] On 12/20/2012, Tepco published the plan of inspection of the Spent

Core removing struggle Cover-ups

Tepco vented PCV of reactor1 after nuclear fuel melted through the RPV, twice

According to JNES’s report “Severe Accident Analyses of Fukushima-Daiich Units 1 to 3″ published on IAEA general conference of 9/17/2012, Tepco vented PCV twice after nuclear fuel melted through RPV


Environmental consequence analysis by JAEA shows the worse contamination situation than monitoring data by MEXT

According to JNES’s report “Severe Accident Analyses of Fukushima-Daiich Units 1 to 3” published on IAEA general conference of 9/17/2012, environmental consequence analysis by JAEA shows significant difference from the monitoring

Natural disasters

[Picture] The tide embankment of Hamaoka nuclear plant, “189km from Tokyo”

Hamaoka nuclear plant is building Tsunami embankment to restart. On 12/8/2012, Cabinet office announced the Tsunami caused by possible Nankai Trough earthquake could be 19m high. Cepco has been planning to

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco removed the steel beam from SFP reactor3, “3 months after they dropped it into the pool”

On 9/22/2012, Tepco dropped 7m and 470kg of steel beam into the SFP of reactor3, where 566 fuel assemblies are stocked. 3 months have passed, Tepco finally managed to remove it.