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[Column] 3 reasons why I don’t go back to Tokyo

I left my friends, pets and family back in my hometown next to Tokyo but I don’t want to go back. I have 3 reasons not to go back. 1.

Cover-ups Plant hazard

6.2 % of Fukushima workers have not been explained where they were to work or wage even verbally

According to Tepco’s research, about half of the sub-contract workers have fraud contract. Also it turned out that 198 of workers (6.2%) have not been explained where they are going

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese comedian Miyasako turned out to have gastric cancer

Fukushima Diary reported a Japanese comedian Miyasako is to be hospitalized for stomach disease. [Link] On 12/3/2012, it turned out to be a gastric cancer. He’s going to be hospitalized


Cedar tree in Saitama suddenly fell down for unknown reason, a woman injured

At 13:45 of 12/4/2012, a tree suddenly fell off and a woman (47) got her head hit strongly and was squashed by the tree. It was a tree in Takinomiya


[Mutation] Variant of norovirus outbreak, spreading to out of Japan

According to National institute of infectious diseases, variant of norovirus (GII/4 2012) was found. In October of 2012, there was a mass infection of norovirus in 2 welfare facilities of Niigata prefecture.


Kellogg made no improvement to reduce cesium in its cereal

On 8/5/2012, Fukushima Diary reported 19.71 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from Japanese Kellogg’s cereal. [Link] 4 months have already passed, but still cesium was detected from the cereal. Cs-134

Contaminated water crisis

Radioactive density at water treatment facility increased from last month

According to Tepco’s Nuclide analysis results of water at water treatment facility released on 12/4/2012, density of Cs-134/137 in water desalination equipment increased from last month. Also Ru-106 was measured