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Column Confirmed effects

[Column] We don’t celebrate Christmas

Soon Christmas is coming but there is no Christmas for radiation. Molten and fractured nuclear fuel keeps reacting regardless of the calendar, also our body is affected by radiation restlessly.


Namie machi to conduct Chromosome Banding test for 0~18 y.o children

In order to evaluate the primary exposure dose, Namie machi is going to conduct the Chromosome Banding test for children who were 0 ~ 18 years old in 311 to


Fall-out level increasing in Fukushima city from 12/18/2012

According to Fukushima prefectural government, fall-out level (Cs-134/137) has been increasing since 9:00 of 12/18/2012. It is measured in Fukushima city. Related article..[Graph] Radiation level has been increasing since 180


[Guardian] Japanese hawk’s election victory prompts fears of regional tension

<Quote> [Guardian] A furious reaction is expected from Beijing if the LDP goes ahead with campaign pledges to develop fisheries and build on the Senkakus, a group of islands administered


Cs-137 in Sub-drain water marked the highest reading in these 2 months

According to Tepco’s report of “Nuclides Analysis Result of the Sub-drain Water in the Surroundings of the Central Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility”, 3.1×10^5 Bq/m3 of Cs-137 was measured from the

Cover-ups Sea contamination

7.1 thousand trillion Bq of Cs-134/137 and 1.1 ten quadrillion Bq of Iodine-131 released to the sea from 3/26 to 9/30

According to JNES’s report “Severe Accident Analyses of Fukushima-Daiich Units 1 to 3″ published on IAEA general conference of 9/17/2012, Central research institute of electric power industry evaluated the amount

Sea contamination

[Youtube] Sea turtles die in Bengal India

I have no idea about this phenomenon but couldn’t ignore it.   Iori Mochizuki


Pu-239, 240 and Strontium measured from soil and wooden chips of Ohtsuchi cho Iwate

Plutonium-239, 240 and Strontium were measured from soil and wooden chips of Ohtsuchi cho Iwate. Kashiwazaki city and Sanjo city in Niigata prefecture accepted the debris from Ohtsuchi cho Iwate,