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Contaminated water crisis

The shortage of contaminated water storage has become more serious

On 12/12/2012, Fukushima Diary reported “Fukushima worker “Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of tanks””[Link] . The mentioned purifying system turned out to be too fragile to be


Osaka to start primary incineration of disaster debris after late January of 2013

On 11/29/2012, Fukushima Diary reported “Osaka started test incineration of 100 tones disaster debris, more 36,000 tones to come next year” [Link] On 12/26/2012, Osaka Fu decided to start the


Citizen’s radiation monitoring station, “653 Bq/Kg from curtain in a room in Saitama”

On 12/23/2012, a citizen’s radiation monitoring station in Saitama announced high level of radiation was measured from curtain hung inside of the room since before 311. Location : Minuma ward

Effects to be confirmed

73 students required to have detailed examination of heart in Toride city Ibaraki, “2.6 times much as last year”

3 citizen’s organizations in Toride city Ibaraki published elementary school and junior high school students who were required to have detailed examination of heart have rapidly increased since last year.


Ishihara. Jr to be named the minister of Environment and nuc energy affairs, “stop citizens from measuring radiation”

On 12/26/2012, new Japanese prime minister Abe named Ishihara Nobuteru, as minister for the environment and nuclear energy affairs. Ishihara Nobuteru was the former LDP Secretary-General, who made the comment of “Geiger


[The Japan Times] German physician, “WHO downplayed health effects of nuclear crisis on Fukushima residents”

<Quote> [The Japan Times, Jiji] BERLIN — A German doctor and member of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning physicians’ group has criticized a World Health Organization report on the Fukushima nuclear


New Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita fainted during Abe’s inauguration press conference

On 12/26/2012, new deputy chief cabinet, Sugita fell down to faint when new Japanese prime minister Abe was holding the inauguration press conference. SPs carried him out to the anteroom.


Tepco released the personnel revision for Fukushima Division

On 11/2/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco is going to build alternative headquarters in Fukushima. (cf, Tepco to found alternative headquarters in Fukushima [Link]) On 12/26/2012, Tepco released the personnel revision

Contaminated water crisis

Another water leakage from desalination system, “2.0 mSv/h of atmospheric dose”

Tepco is having contaminated water leakage almost everyday. (cf, Contaminated water leakage from reactor6, “already absorbed into the ground” [Link]) On 12/26/2012, Tepco had another leakage at the desalination system. The

Environmental contamination Sea contamination

Tepco to replace the silt fence of Fukushima plant port

On 12/26/2012, Tepco announced they are going to replace the silt fence of Fukushima plant port. Source Related article..[What’s leaking?] Radiation level of the seawater at reactor2 reached the highest