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[Column] 3 misunderstandings of foreign media about this election

Because Japan changed too fast, foreign media misunderstood the points of this election. Correcting the misunderstandings is very important to see what is going to happen. Here I’m going to


Japanese sardines washed up on the shore for 100m in Chiba

On 12/13/2012, countless numbers of Japanese sardines were found washed up on the shore of Shirako machi Chiba for 100m. The location is near the mouth of Nabakigawa river. Dead


JP New prime minister steps forward to ease constitutional amendment rule

On 12/16/2012, Japanese new prime minister Abe commented he considers changing the constitutional amendent rule. (Currently they need more than 2/3 of votes from the House of Representatives and the


[Election] Most of the polling stations shut down 1~4 hours earlier in Fukushima, Gunma, and Tottori

Japan is having an election today. However, polling stations will be shutdown earlier than planned in Fukushima, Gunma and Tottori.   Fukushima Polling stations to shutdown : ALL (1312 stations)