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[Column] Japan expecting a Christmas present from North Korea

North Korea “kindly” announced they are going to launch a missile from 12/10 to 12/22/2012, they even announced the time to launch, which is from 7AM to 0PM. I wish

Natural disasters

[Express] Something’s going on underground -“After the M7.3, well water became muddy in Ibaraki”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update.   今日の地震で、思わぬ影響がでました。自宅の井戸水が濁ってお風呂の水が茶色になっちゃった。湯沸かしのフィルターも目詰まりするほど。どのくらい続くだろうか?皆さんのところはいかがでした? — 吉原 均さん (@Flower_island) 12月 7, 2012 <Translate> Today’s M7.3 caused unexpected result. It made the well water muddy at home

Natural disasters

Researcher, “Stay cautious for another major earthquake for more 2 ~ 3 days”

As to the M7.3 earthquake, Researcher, Tsuji from building research institute warned we need to stay cautious for another major earthquake for more 2 or 3 days. In offshore of

Natural disasters

25 possible aftershocks in 24 hours after M7.3 of 12/7/2012, scale of 5 quakes are “unknown”

After the M7.3, there were 25 earthquakes that can be thought to be the aftershocks within 24 hours. The seismic scale of 5 among the 25 quakes were “unknown” for

Core removing struggle

Hydrogen concentration in reactor1 is increasing

According to plant parameter released by Tepco, hydrogen concentration in PCV of reactor1 is increasing since 5AM of 12/8/2012. At 9:10 of 12/7/2012, Tepco restarted the nitrogen gas injection into