Possible exposure of Alaskan airline flight attendants from Fukushima


  1. Dear Mochizuki, I have been following your blog for sometime now and you are definitely one of the most comprehensive sites regarding this disaster, bar none. I, like you, wish that there was a good “spin” that could be put on this information but unfortunately there is not. When man unlocked the power of the atom it was only a matter of time before the power we thought we could control, literally kills us all.

  2. I think on Rense.com (Yoshi Shimatsu?) said last month that the big problem around Alaska is the radiation affects the ozone hole and that allows harmful effects to take place.
    He said it in context of the ring seals that are dying there.

  3. General Omar Bradley:

    “Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.

    If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”

  4. This is an annoying bit of commentary. Can’t call it “news” as there is no real curiousity behind it.
    The TRUTH is important.

    So let’s take a look at all the airlines which fly in and out of Japan. Let’s see if there are any similar complaints? There must be at least 10 airlines we could survey and expect to find useful data.

    If this is the case, that radiation is the problem, you would expect to find it on all airlines – not just one.

    I do think there are huge problems coming down the pike with regard to Fukushima. So don’t mistake me for someone who doesn’t see the problems. However – it makes so little sense to me to frighten people on such a flimsy bit of story… It’s not “evidence” – because evidence has rules.

    As for this source – the “Earth Change News” – I was so excited to find a potential source of reliable environmental news…. This is clearly not it.

  5. If you have time or interest here is a list of airlines with regular flights to Tokyo ( Not that Mochizuki needs to do this work – but if anyone had time or inclination)

    Tokya Air
    Hawaiian Air
    American Airlines
    Air Canada
    Japan Air
    All Nippon
    China Eastern
    Malaysia Air
    China Southern

    Maybe someone could set up an anonymous reporting tumblr for airline personel who might want to talk “off record”….

    Anyway – in spite of my comments about this post I appreciate all your work. THANK YOU!

    PS… found a fasciated three headed dandelion in my backyard yesterday – though it was just one in a sea of them… still. Not happy in Eastern Oregon.

  6. In the states this is being blamed on an unnamed contaminant in their uniforms. (which sounds like a lie)

  7. This video is making connections where none exist. About 10% of Alaska Air employees got rashes when issued new uniforms; the more they wore the uniforms the worse the rashes got. Alaska Air is replacing the uniforms and there don’t seem to be any further complaints.

  8. So… does anyone know what material the uniforms were made from and where the materials were obtained? I’ve browsed a few forums on this subject and haven’t seen a single person question that. There are unlimited numbers of ways for radioactive contamination to get into our lives. I bet everyone’s overlooking possibilities.

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