The moment when Edano lied to the people

Following up this article..Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011

One of the times when he lied to the people about meltdown / melt-out remained in Youtube.

He clearly stated meltdown does not happen on 4/19/2011.



  1. I dislike this guy the most I’ve ever disliked anyone, out of the whole world through all history, worse than hitler period and that is final!

  2. Question, How or why is this guy still alive? C’mon japan!
    This guy is a problem and a professional liar who cost lives exactly the worst thing for japan, he is a problem, solve it. We all know it is wrong to throw a child in front of a train, but he did, “basically”, so if you or I know it is wrong what kind of person would you ask????
    Someone who would do that… would have to enjoy it to do it right?
    Yakuza, please visit Yukio Edano… please tx.
    ヤクザ、枝野幸男をご覧ください。… TXしてください。

    1. meant what kind of person would it take to knowlingly do that, think about it.

  3. japanese govt =run by yakuza
    tepco = run by yakuza
    edano = lying for yakuza

    Back to the drawing board for you Intel Agent.

  4. Edano is a monster. How he could stand in front of his entire nation and lie to them all. His ancestors must be looking at him in shame. What disgusting behavior. I remember seeing him on TV last summer at the vegetable market for Tohoku farm produce eating a big strawberry to try and convince people to purchase the food. Pure corrupt evil. The same can be said for Goshi Hosono and his push to burn debris across Japan.

    I am extremely angered every time I see their faces and I cannot wait for the people to rise up and take them both to justice. Although I am sure that both of their families are no longer in Japan so their blood lines may yet continue.

  5. Bankers control most governments. And bankers want us all dead. Too many productive people means too much wealth and too much wealth means no need for loans. No need for loans means no need for bankers. Central banks control governments. Governments are just their puppets. Most likely DPJ was put in power by The Bank of Japan so this disaster could be permitted. Most likely Edano is being paid by CBJ. There will always be unscrupulous men available who will sell their country for a large sum of $. Most likely CBJ showed up with large bags of $ for Edano. $30 million USD or more. That is why such lies are told and such things are permitted to happen by gov’t.

    Bankers want us all dead. We are a threat to their business.

    1. NO, this is 100% wrong. Bankers DEMAND MORE TAXPAYERS to pay off ever-increasing debt! Gosh, please people, use your brains. How do you think bankers make their money??? Banking is a Ponzi scheme, and it only works as long as more and more taxpayers enter the system!

    2. If the bankers wanted to kill people, they would be doing a much better job than a few 1000 or a few million here and there. Hehe – that statement was one of the most silly things I ever heard! 🙂

    3. If bankers wanted to eliminate people, do you think they would allow all media+advertising to push sexual promiscuity around the world? Do you think they would have brainwashed all women in the world to enter the workforce and become taxpayers? You don’t understand how banking works if you think bankers want less taxpayers. Just because a few of the intelligent+concerned elite have commented on over-optimal-population, doesn’t mean the bankers don’t require it. Bankers want people to populate until there isn’t a square centimeter left on earth to support another taxpayer.

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