Settlement report 3/9/2012

Donation : 163.00USD

Expense : meat 2.00USD   Sauce 1.90USD  Tooth paste 5.20USD   Hand cream 4.20USD

Profit : 149.70USD


Maybe some people misunderstand me. I don’t charge anyone, I don’t make anyone pay me money.
I took donation service because ads only makes google rich, and we have to make articles that google would like.
I’m not meant to rip you off. Everyday, thousands of people read FD. Only if they pay me 1 cent per person, I can buy a hamburger. That’s all I need. You don’t have to pay if you are struggling like me.

You can visit wikipedia anytime but they run on donation. That’s what I want to do.
You pay for what you find worthy. Simple. I think all the service should be like that.

I want to keep FD running. It’s preventing Japanese people from being isolated.
I want to put a spot light on people who are burning their lives where nobody notices.
Public execution is what you are seeing through FD. If you feel something from reading FD, please take some action for your own nuclear plants. Japan is over, but you can still stop the nuclear plants in your own country.



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