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Thank you very much for your support.

I’m making 2 of the new plans but don’t know how to handle it. Recently FD has attention from Japanese people though it has been almost ignored from Japan. lol I’m feeling like I’m a representative of Japan. Such a responsibility. would like to deserve their expectation.

  1. I would like to start a movement to make a government approve nuclear asylum. (Not for me. For people to evacuate after me.)
  2. I would like to raise fund to support evacuating Japanese.

I have no knowledge about how to operate those things. I’d be happy if someone gives me advice or operate it with me.


  1. i think you should focus on Canada. We heard recently that asylum has been denied to some Japanese who were in Canada at the time of the accident. However, there were attorneys working with these Japanese people. They supported. Also there was a lot of public support expressed in the comments on the calgary sun article recently published about the first ruling in the first case. I think if the canada government can make a law to support nuclear asylum, that canada’s people will support it. you will need legal help to set up an NGO in canada to do this. again, the lawyers who supported the japanese asylum seekers would be the first place to inquire.

  2. I have recently posted 4 articles on the Forum’s topic ‘Your Evacuation Story’,

    I will look for more information on the subject of declaring asylum.
    By the information in these articles, it looks as if each country has its own procedures and regulations.

    This article I found interesting, off the subject a bit but still interesting. ‘Crimes against humanity’

  3. This site has some info: Valid in Europe Only.
    ‘This material was prepared in association with GEA2000. It is NOT legal advice. It is provided for general information only. You should make every effort to speak directly with a lawyer BEFORE taking any action.’

    As I thought, a lawyer is needed. BUT, to get a well established international organization involved is the best way to get things accomplished. The question is, which organizations would be willing to get involved in such a case.

    I’m pretty sure this has never been done before, asylum for victims of nuclear radiation effects and protection from their government.

    1. Sarkozy will never stop immigration. The big bosses of the CAC40 need more cheap labor forces.

  4. If common sense prevailed in the US government, it would be inviting Japanese people to immigrate. Instead, we will probably be letting Taliban move here, and other such people.

  5. You should try to get in touch will all the people in France and elsewhere who helped the victims of Chernobyl, people who host ill Ukrainian and Belorussian children regularly for holiday, and during their treatments in French hospitals. I am sure they thought about it before us. They might explain to you why governments would refuse.
    I remind you that a year ago Russian president Medvedev offered to let all the Japanese people come to live in his country, especially in Siberia, since there is a lot of free space there. But since then I have not hear about it anymore. Maybe the Japanese and American governments pressured him into canceling his offer, since it would be the official bankruptcy of Japan, and Russia would become a serious competitor of the USA if Japanese engineers became Russians.

    1. Oh, yes, send all Fukushima children to Belarus for more radiation contamination…share the pain…
      “President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko offers Japan to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. He said this on February 20, receiving credentials from Ambassador of Japan Tikahito Harada. “If you decide to build a nuclear power plant somewhere, Belarus should head the list,” said the head of state.

      “You have to build a nice, good nuclear power plant. The Japanese know how to do it, in my opinion, much better than many others,” said President of Belarus, BelTA informs.

      According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus is ready to share its experience with Japan to overcome the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, and to invite Japanese children from regions affected by the nuclear power plant “Fukushima” to improve their health in Belarus.”

      Japan invited to build nuclear power plant in Belarus by President Lukashenko.

    2. Considering the way the Detroit, MI metro area is getting to be a ghost town, I had the thought that the US should just sell that entire area to Japan as a semi-automonous zone (perhaps request a 1% sales tax to return to the Fed). Even say work out a 100-200 yr deal (like Hong Kong) where soverignty would return to the US after the radioactivity in Japan had decreased enough to re-patriate the Japaneese citizens. Locating there would have freshwater (with ocean access) ports. Would be a much better place to live then the middle of Siberia.

      Last I heard homes were selling for as little as $1 there, and they’re bulldozing whole blocks. Cutting back city services, closing schools, shutting down street lighting, etc.

  6. Funding for evacutees..will be difficult, but the first step, important first step. The other, testing for radiation exposure-because if someone is highly radiated, they probably will not be allowed into foreign country. Sounds terrible, but if they are giving off radiation products, they will jeopodize others. This means medical area and care for those so identified–in hopes they can overcome the contamination–probably in Japan as a staging area. That may also be in place..someone must be thinking of this..somewhere..

  7. Hi,

    I am not sure this is helpful but I want to share this thought as well.

    This information, I’ve found on forum of Pirate party in New Zealand last year. At the moment, It’s probably small movement as a political party but They might consider japanese as a refugee or an asylum? Hopefully near future…

    Take a look

  8. IORI,
    Let me remind you otherworldly Message I forwarded to you on November 8th, 2011


    Now you are at that point ! If you need any help, have questions how to proceed, let me know via e-mail and I’ll enquire my celestial adviser.
    Blessings to your mission !

  9. Iori, I sent you a fb message. Lots of experience with a large international non-profit, and in creating a small one. This is an ideal mission (advocating for changes to asylum etc.) for a 501c3 as we call it in the US, and organizing such an entity would give you the credibility you need for all sorts of efforts, including coordinating the help of unpaid volunteers, grant writing (a large source of funding but a pain paperwork-wise), etc. Plus tax-free status allows you to provide the greatest amount of donations to directly helping those in need. If you would like help, check out my fb message and we can go from there. Oh, and there is also a great model that has been promulgated through social media, to raise awareness of the need to capture and imprison the leader of Uganda, that might inspire some ideas for you as well in terms of a strategy to really get out the message … my 14 year old daughter found it online last night and begged me to donate 🙂 Just google Kony 2012, video on youtube, but also a sepaate site. Then, they also partner with another non-profit that apparently provides infrastructure-type support for the sales/donations side – so that the non-profit can sell “kits” that include tshirts, bracelets, posters, etc., to raise awareness (FD tshirts, here we come!).

  10. hallo lori,

    ich habe in einem deutsch-japanischen forum versucht informationen über japan nach der katastrophe zu bekommen, als ich fd noch nicht kannte. dort scheint nicht so viel los zu sein, so daß ich erst nach langer zeit eine antwort bekam. ende februar hab ich den link noch mal in die finger bekommen und dort noch einen eintrag geschrieben, mit dem hinweis auf deine seite, fd. vielleicht hat es den einen oder anderen japaner doch erreicht in diesem forum…
    ich hoffe

    und danke für deine arbeit.

    lg ele

    hi lori,

    I’m in a German-Japanese Forum on Information japan tried to get to the disaster, as I did not fd. there does not seem to be going so much so that I take a long time got a response. the end of February I got the link again in the finger and then another entry written by fd pointing to your page. Perhaps it was one or the other japanese yet reached in this forum …
    I hope

    and thank you for your work.

    lg ele

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