Settlement report 3/15~3/16

Donation : 67.00USD

Expense : Lunch 5.20USD

Rest : 61.8USD


Thank you for your donation as always.

I’m thinking of hiding the donation button most of the time and accepting it only twice or 3 times a month so I won’t look like a beggar all the time. What do you think ??



  1. I get paid on the third Wednesday every month. That is when I can donate. If you hide the button I may use the money for something else….You don’t look like a beggar to me–you are my link to what is happening in Japan!

  2. Iori, you have the good esteem of so many people, nobody will ever take you for a beggar, we all know the great work you did during this past one year long.

    We all know the many sacrifices you did and still doing and we all understand your situation.
    You should not worry about the donation button nor be ashamed for it.

    I think you should leave it there as it is so that people can be using it anytime whenever they wish or may at their discretion and according to their financial ability…

    Courage, continue your excellent work!

  3. Hello Iori,

    I would not hide the buttons. But I think just a weekly or/and monthly Report would be enough.
    So people can donate whenever they have a few dollars left and get reminded to do so with the reports.

    Keep up your great work!
    Thanks alot.



  4. Please keep the donate button visible all of the time – you need and deserve to be supported for your hard work. Please the $ to feed and house yourself well and further your research and website activities. Your work is extremely important, i fear that if you hide the donate button that you will no receive enough donations. put some in the bank for the future, so you can continue if the donations decrease, if that seems to be a good idea to you.

  5. Don’t hide the buttons, people need reminders. And don’t think of yourself as a beggar. You are providing a valuable, free, public service, while living in a world that requires money to trade for the necessities of life. Money is just something you need to go on producing your work, there’s no shame in asking for help.

  6. You are not a beggar, you are a leader, and the donations you accept are for the shared vision of your invisible army, the vision of keeping you busy reporting so we can spread the word and wake people up to the horrors of radiation before it’s too late. Please keep the donation buttons easy to access. People tend to do things on the spur of the moment. One day they might have money the next they might have already spent it on another activist or whatever and are out of donation allowance. Better to just keep the button handy. Your work IS that important.

    Also, please think of group projects we can all do together to spread awareness. Put your helpers to work, rather than just accepting donations and spending yourself alone like a workhorse. We are in this together, after all.

  7. Greetings again. I thiink you should keep the donation button up all the time, you are not a beggar. Do what you have to do and do’nt worry what others think about you, stay safe and healthy. Regards again,Doug

  8. I don’t know. But, you could try something. Try always giving 10% of what you receive to a charity, or someone in need whose path you cross during the day or week. Keep it secret, and watch and see if Someone does not smile and repay you abundantly.

  9. Please have some kind of way I can donate without using a credit card and running the risk of visa problems with Jap govt. You are a hero.

  10. Please keep the button. Your service is valuable. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

    Best regards

  11. 伊織さん、こんにちは。

  12. I wouldnt worry about the loot i mean you gotta eat while working on all this , very modest man keep up the good work , and anyone that reads on here can tell you deserve every penny to help with this research so i wouldnt bother hiding the donate tab , cant research without funds. the government has only hidden the truth over and over and over. who else can real people count on if people like you and others that run sites like this werent there to stand up. Good job!!!!

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