Reactor1 heated


On the press conference of 3/16 PM, Tepco announced that the temperature of reactor 1 is increasing. They still don’t know the reason. For the question of TBS, Tepco answered it might be because it was sunny outside, the high air pressure made the inside of the reactor 1 heated.

Tepco announced the temperature increased like this below.

3/15 17:00 59.6℃
3/16 13:00 63.7℃
3/16 14:00 63.7℃

Tepco had nitrogen injection stopped for 30 mins on 3/12.
They were injecting nitrogen for reactor1~3 to control hydrogen explosion. Since it was stopped temporarily, the temperature has been going up.

However, the increasing temperature is not mentioned on Tepco’s regular plant data nor even on press conference material.

Reactor1 heated


Reactor1 heated2


Additionally, they removed the data of radiation level and common use pool, and parameters of reactor 5 and 6 from the daily announcement all of a sudden. No explanation is given by Tepco.

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