Fukushima governor has never visited nuclear plants

Fukushima mayor has never visited nuclear plants


From the report of NHK, it turned out that Sato Yuhei, the Fukushima governor has never visited Fukushima nuclear plants since 311.

On 3/8/2012, Sato Yuhei visited Fukushima nuclear plants for the first time after 311, and told Mr. Takahashi, the chief of Fukushima plants to make the best to decommission the plants.

He didn’t state Fukushima citizens are endangered, but emphasized they feel insecure because of the unstable temperature and water leakage. He declared he is going to make his best to have evacuated people come back to Fukushima.

Though he has not even visited Fukushima plants, he had an interview with Jiji and talked, he’s going to make Fukushima the best conditioned place to have and raise children. They are planning to make the medical care free not replying on the Japanese government’s support. They are also trying to remove harmful rumor.

He also mentioned dosemeter check for all the Fukushima citizens.

These are the comments about the dosemeter check below.

@mainakata311: 何回も言いますが意味のないガラスバッチは叩き割ればいい、うちは高線量地区にわざわざ置いたのに0.1の結果。福島市の親友の知り合いは3つ配布され屋内と外と常に保持で計測し出したが同じ結果が届いた。お守りでもなんでもない


I put one in the highly radioactive place on purpose but the result was 0.1. My best friend in Fukushima city was given 3 dosemeters. She put them inside, outside and had the last one with her always but the results were all the same.

@petsboobee: ガラスバッジを配布されてすぐに高知県へ1ヶ月避難。3ヶ月装着して結果が来たら幼稚園の他の子達と数値が一緒だった。あるママはわざわざ放射線量の高いところに置きっぱなしに。結果数値0できたらしい。おかしい!本当の情報じゃない


Soon as I was given a dosemeter, evacuated to Kochi for one month. Had it with my child for 3 months but the result was the same as other children in the kindergarten of Fukushima. A friend of mine put hers in a highly radioactive place on purpose but the result was 0.

@miho14: 福島市積算放射能測定・子ども用ガラスバッジ、1カ月ごとに回収して結果が通知されるが、提出していない子どもに「0.2mSv」という結果が送られてきた。友人激怒。信用できるのか、市や県の調査


They pick up the dosemeters monthly and return the results to the children, but even a child received the result to say “0.2mSv” even though he didn’t submit the meter.



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