French journalist prosecuted summary for entering 20km area


3/2/2012, a French freelance camera man (31) was prosecuted summary for entering 20kmarea to violate the Fundamental Disaster Relief Act with 3 other Japanese citizens. They did not have the permission to enter.
Fukushima summary court ordered each for 100,000 yen fine.

This is the first legal penalty for entering the alerting area. Fukushima District Public Prosecutor’s Office states, it was not necessary nor urgent. They needed to consider maintenance of public order inside of the alerting zone.

The French journalist was also prosecuted for forging the ID pass to enter the zone but they shelved an indictment on 3/2/2012.


仏カメラマンら警戒区域入り罰金 福島地検が初の刑事処分




2012/03/02 21:46 【共同通信】

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