Even to me, moving is not easy.

Meeting my old friends or new friends. Giving my pets to foster parents.
I’ve been swamped these couple of days.

And this fatigue – I get tired easily recently. I had no energy to blog when I finally came home.

It cost 30,000 JPY only to throw away furniture.
The owner of the apartment may invoice me more to repair the room for no reason.

Because apartment is less and less in demand, they try to rip off when someone moves out.

The more I move, the more I’m ripped off. but I must go. I didn’t know it would cost this much only to move.

Coughing, runny nose, fatigue and diarrhea don’t seem to get any better. I’d die if I don’t move.

It feels like I’m running as I’m bleeding.

Every time I blog about “safety limit” of food, I receive comments such as it’s 400 Bq/Kg in Germany. It’s way higher than Japan etc..

I want you to know, nothing happened in Germany yet. so you won’t have to think if it’s 399 Bq/Kg or 0 Bq/kg etc..

Also, I can not understand why you take it for granted that you accept the “safety limit”.

The “safety limit” must be absolutely ZERO Bq/Kg.

I find it none sense to discuss if it should be 400 Bq/kg or 500 Bq/kg.

Anyone who tries to make it more than ZERO Bq/kg is your enemy. The person is trying to kill you.

They say, now everything is contaminated. We have to compromise and have “slightly” contaminated food to save the farmers and save the country.

I dare to say NO.

I don’t think anyone should try to adapt themselves to the world changed by the nuclear industry.
Once you compromise, they’ll push more and more to you.
Say No from the first place.

Don’t be deceived. There is no safety amount to take into your body.
It’s like swallowing a gun. If you are lucky, it shoots only your bum. It hurts but you won’t die but if you are not lucky, it shoots your heart and you die.
Talking about if it should be 400 Bq/kg or 500 Bq/kg is just like talking about if swallowing 2 guns is safer than 3 guns etc..
Even 1 gun can kill you, no wonder.

so I don’t want to waste my time on the meaningless matter, such as if ICRP is more true than ECRR etc..

The answer is ZERO Bq/Kg.


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