Column of the Day: You killed the boy

Time has come.

In several hours, I’ll get up and leave this room forever.

My coughing is not getting better. Now I take double dose as normal to stop coughing.
I think everyone has something recently. They just don’t tell it or can’t associate it with radiation.

One of my friends told me I look isolated.
Yes, probably.
People ask me if they should evacuate or not.
I always say, yes, of course.

take a breath, and they say, yeah I know, but that’s impossible because work is bla bla bla, money is bla bla bla..

No one seems to understand me. and I hope no one will understand me ever. I mean, I hope to be wrong to move.

12/12/2011’s tweet.



From my friend in Fukushima. A friend of my son at elementary school had his thyroid swollen so went to the hospital. The doctor said there’s a possibility of leukemia. but it has nothing to do with radiation.

– End –

One more tweet



From my friend in Fukushima. The analysis data from the dosimeter is returned. There was no less than 0.5 mSv of difference of their neighbor for some reason. That’s a huge difference but 0.5 mSv is an unusual amount of exposure itself. However, the peer pressure is awful at elementary schools in Fukushima. They can never talk about radiation. Even though their noses bleed they double think it’s safe.

– End –

I want you to remember this article .Another sudden death of a 13 year old boy

In the summer, they would have reported it as “heat stroke”. I kept claiming something is wrong to assert it was heat stroke but “First-class students” said, it’s heat stroke, it’s not scientific to associate everything with radiation.

If you first-class students shut up more people may have evacuated and this boy might not have died.

You killed him. Know the fact.

I’ve been blogging to fight against the “atmosphere”. It may make me look isolated.

Finally, I’ll show you how it is inside of my plastic bag bed. I have received some questions about how I made it.

This will be the last post from this apartment.

  1. Godspeed to you Iori. Go now in grace and the knowledge that you have done everything that you could humanly do to protect your own self and those that you love and care for. Make haste and go!

  2. This may sound like a stupid question, but does this mean the blog ‘stops’ too?
    Because ‘This will be the last post from this apartment.’ sounds something like it.
    But, anyways, you are doing the best right now. You seem to be the only person who actually realizes the danger and want to go away.
    Weird as it is, it’s the best thing you can do. Just go away. Because times are hard enough. I wish you luck.

    1. Nope – The blog will continue! no worries Iori is just moving to a safer place so that he can fully dedicate to telling the world about Japan in these terrible times

  3. Thank you for all your effort Iori-San till today. I’ve been following your Fukushima Diary from this spring. Are you really leaving from Japan for good? It seems I have to do the same. I feel pretty bad leaving some of my family members behind. A pity, too many Japanese are not wanting to know the TRUTH… Where will you go? I’m still wondering where to go myself… Let me know once you are in a SAFE PLACE. Have a SAFE TRIP!

    1. You are right : they don’t WANT to know it, but they could have known it ! Unfortunately they will wake up until it’s too late to avoid serious health problems. Many people tried to warn the public, but the situation is too serious to be grasped by most !

  4. It’s a difficult and personal decision to stay or leave your home in a disastrous situation. With ‘eyes wide open,’ we are totally in support of your journey, knowing that radiation will not be mitigated by human behavior except by 1) avoiding all exposure and 2) decontamination (detox). We pray for your smooth transition, wherever you go. God speed Mochizuki!

  5. Hi Mochizuki-san,

    I also left Tokyo in October. Friends/people/parents in law said I was crazy. But the truth is that the main reason people are unwilling to move is because they are attached to their confort and their familiar environment. And people will fight to the death to preserve this illusory sense of safety.

    This is why they say that you are “isolated” or “crazy” etc… it’s a self defense mechanism, self-denial to avoid confronting reality.

    Take care and keep your spirit up brother.

    1. Very well seen ! As soon as you are different from most “normal” people, you quickly get considered “crazy” or “mad”. Keep up to your inner conviction and let people say whatever they like . They will realize their mistake one day soon.
      My otherworldly interlocutor said : “Your heart is your best guide ; it does no mistake ; follow your heart !” Up to people to apply this precious adivce.
      More on my blog.

  6. Things seem to take a very bad shape and make us all suffer way further. If is appropriate then Government must have every single individual evacuated to a very safe place. We may get our Job, Money and many other stuffs back if we survive.

  7. God bless you lori Mochizuki-san I pray for you to be in good health and find a safe place to live. I live in Canada and would love to help you find place to live. I know we have some radiation from fallout here but not as dangerous as Japan.
    Take care, Love& Light

  8. You have been so brave, Mochizuki. You have been speaking out when it was really needed. You have been publishing information, that no one wants to talk about but people need to know about. You have been criticized for this, the criticism did not stop you.

    You are one brave guy. Your blog will be remembered. The best to you Mochizuki.

  9. you are far from alone. You have become the best blogue about Fukushima. Yes, details about TEPCO miss management are importants, but you are coverning a much wider range of topics about Fukushima that is actually one of the only way for us to be informed. Specially about the impact on people’s health. When I find a job in my new country after moving out of Japan I will press your “sponser my blogue” button. You are right, if some people don’t understand what is going on, they will eventually. But it will take time. We are maybe a minority, but a growing minority to know that Fukushima radioactive dust everywhere is killing and will be killing countless people.
    I compared the data with Three Miles Island, Chernobyl and French Nuclear tests in the pacific. The quantity and type of isotopes, the way and where the dusts fall and how they affected people’s health.
    Fukushima looks like a very terrible accident compared to the others. Equivalent to more than 1000 nuclear bombs. Only a few wehre enough to cause terrible suffering on islands not only 200km but as far as 1000km from explosion site. Winds transported the radioactive clouds and everywhere bellow these winds people where heavily affected. Worst where it rained under these clouds. This forced the radionuclides to fall. This is where to worst for their health as happened. And this is how it happened in Tokyo. It rained radionuclides in Tokyo on 16-17 march under clouds of radionuclide dusts. A Total disaster. I spent much time analysing this, but that’s what I concluded, so I left Tokyo.

    1. I confirm your reporting.
      Message I got on March 16, asked the Governor of Tokyo to evacuate the population immediately, direction of winds and coming rain, harmful radioactivity and consequences were predicted.

  10. This is so sad : (
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Although we can’t help you perhaps we can learn from what has happened at Fukushima and change the future.

  11. Wise decision, IORI, you will make it to some save heaven. Your readers are accompanying you all the way. Keep on reporting to open people’s eyes in order to warn and protect them.
    Blessings to you !

  12. Hello, Please join us, at your convenience,on our live blogging web site. This site was established shortly after 3/11, before that we were on Reuters live blog. We have been following and posting your articles regularly. We have a wide variety of professionals and concerned people from throughout the world who post their concerns and articles for discussion. At the top of our scribblelive blog site we have pinned information links on the Fukushima disaster. I have valued all of your articles and your passion during these historical times. Feel free to look into our link. I, Mary, live in the Midwest, US. Stay healthy and know you are not alone. There are thousands of people throughout this world who want to know the truth about this radiation catastrophe. Thank You 🙂

  13. If you haven’t done so already, get either zeolite or bentonite clay for detoxification. Drink a tablespoon suspended in water (it doesn’t “dissolve”) every day; if radiation can be moved out of the body, this will do it. Also, take baths and soak for at least 20 minutes in water to which you have added about half a cup of either of these. It will leach out the radiation. Take any “green foods” you can – spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae; this was used at Chernobyl for children and it helps. Keep your body pH as alkaline as possible – avoid milk, dairy, refined foods, of course fish. This has the potential to help you with your health. Be safe, stay well; you have supporters around the world who care about you.

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