Column of the Day: You killed the boy

Time has come.

In several hours, I’ll get up and leave this room forever.

My coughing is not getting better. Now I take double dose as normal to stop coughing.
I think everyone has something recently. They just don’t tell it or can’t associate it with radiation.

One of my friends told me I look isolated.
Yes, probably.
People ask me if they should evacuate or not.
I always say, yes, of course.

take a breath, and they say, yeah I know, but that’s impossible because work is bla bla bla, money is bla bla bla..

No one seems to understand me. and I hope no one will understand me ever. I mean, I hope to be wrong to move.

12/12/2011’s tweet.



From my friend in Fukushima. A friend of my son at elementary school had his thyroid swollen so went to the hospital. The doctor said there’s a possibility of leukemia. but it has nothing to do with radiation.

– End –

One more tweet



From my friend in Fukushima. The analysis data from the dosimeter is returned. There was no less than 0.5 mSv of difference of their neighbor for some reason. That’s a huge difference but 0.5 mSv is an unusual amount of exposure itself. However, the peer pressure is awful at elementary schools in Fukushima. They can never talk about radiation. Even though their noses bleed they double think it’s safe.

– End –

I want you to remember this article .Another sudden death of a 13 year old boy

In the summer, they would have reported it as “heat stroke”. I kept claiming something is wrong to assert it was heat stroke but “First-class students” said, it’s heat stroke, it’s not scientific to associate everything with radiation.

If you first-class students shut up more people may have evacuated and this boy might not have died.

You killed him. Know the fact.

I’ve been blogging to fight against the “atmosphere”. It may make me look isolated.

Finally, I’ll show you how it is inside of my plastic bag bed. I have received some questions about how I made it.

This will be the last post from this apartment.

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