Annual dose 482 ~ 138 mSv in Okumamachi

According to THE Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the estimation of annual dose in Okuma machi Fukushima is 482 ~ 138 mSv.

It is an estimation from 3/12/2011 ~ 3/11/2012, calculated on 11/11/2011.

It is assumed to be only external exposure.

Other locations..

225 mSv/y in Hirusoneshakuishi Namie machi Fukushima

211 mSv/y in Ide Namie machi Fukushima

210 mSv/y in Akaukikunugidaira $ Kawafusa Namie machi Fukushima

197 mSv/y in Shimonoue Okumamachi Fukushima

120 mSv/y in Kumakawa Okumamachi Fukushima

165 mSv/y in Nagatsuka Futabamachi Fukushima

118 mSv/y in Ishikuma Futabamachi Fukushima

140 mSv/y in Komaru Namiemachi Fukushima

121 mSv/y in Murohara Namiemachi Fukushima

103 mSv/y in Katsuo mura Fukushima

109 mSv/y in Oragahama Tomiokamachi


(2011年12月15日 福島民友ニュース)

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