U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission “We don’t know how long it takes until reactor decommissioning”

Since just after 311, a nuclear expert team sent by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been trying to advise JP Gov and Tepco to settle the situation down.

Having JP Gov declared “cold shut down ish statement”, Mr. Casteau, the chairman of the team made a statement at the interview with NHK on 12/21/2011.
“As far as we can not tell how it is inside of the reactors, it’s unpredictable to estimate for how long it takes until reactor decommissioning”
He also complained about the concealment of JP Gov, they say, they could listen to only a few engineers for the details of the situation.


米専門家 廃炉の時期見通せず
12月21日 19時51分

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