Pollen in Tokyo is contaminated as well

Prof. Fukushi from Shuto University measured 93.8 Bq/kg from the pollen of Japanese cedar in Tokyo.

It is assumed that highly contaminated pollen from Fukushima will fly to Tokyo, however, pollen around in Tokyo may be contaminated.

From the research of Prof. Fukushi:

  • Pollen: 93.8 Bq/kg
  • Leaf: 322 Bq/kg
  • Soil: 1,381 Bq/kg

(Cesium 134 and 137)

The sample was taken in Aoume, which is only 30~40 km from the center of Tokyo.
Japanese cedar and cypress are major kinds of the trees around Tokyo, which makes pollen in Spring.
Pollen starts coming from December annually. The peak is from February to April.


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