Japan→Moscow 12/16/2011

I’m in Moscow right now.
Because the staff wrote “gate34” on my ticket, instead of “gate24”, I’m kinda lost now.

The flight schedule is “1911”, not “2011” for some reason.

It’s as difficult as finding a creature in Siberia to find a nice clerk at this airport.

A nice passenger told me where I can use wifi so I managed to find out where I am now.

The flight was ok. The airplane was maybe older than me but the pilot did a good job.
Staff was professional.

They spoke Russian, English and Japanese but Russian was the easiest for me to catch.

The guys behind me kept on talking for 11 hours non-stop as far as I remember.
The man sitting next next to me seemed to be a Japanese business man. I saw him trying to calm down every time the guys behind us kicked and punched the seat. That was more entertaining than the movie on 16 inch screen in front of us, which was “Home Alone.”

I could choose food, “fish or not fish”. I think I chose “not fish” lunch but it was fish and rice.

Everything is so confusing here.

A black guy rushed to me to ask where the smoking room is. Is it that important thing for him?

OK, it seems like every time I post something bad for Russian, they cut my internet connection. I shall stop around here.

It’s 3C outside. Rainy. But it’s really dry inside of the airport.

However, still better than Chiba actually.

I was feverish when I woke up, couldn’t work out my brain.
I left my passport and airplane ticket in the toilet for some reason.
The information desk announced my name. I thought I was gonna be arrested but it was to tell me they hold my passport and airplane ticket.

It’s almost midnight in Japan but still 20:00 here.

will go 3 hours behind more. It’s gonna be a long day.

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