Breaking News: Possibility of recriticality again

Radioactive Iodine was measured in Gunma and Tokyo again. Officials announce the reason is unknown.

In Gunma, 4 ~ 10 Bq/kg of radioactive Iodine were measured at 3 sewage-treatment plants.
The samples were taken from 11/21~12/1/2011.
The sewage-treatment plants are in Tamamura cho, Kiryu, and Hiratsuka.
29 ~ 68 Bq/kg of Cesium were also measured at 5 sewage-treatment plants in Gunma.

Also, Iodine 131 were measured from incineration ash of garbage disposal facilities in Tokyo.


350 Bq/kg from Kita garbage disposal facility (11/9/2011)

28 Bq/kg from Suginami garbage disposal facilities (11/7/2011)

15 Bq/kg from Shin koto garbage disposal facilities (11/11/2011)

None of the official announcement has been published as always.


震災ファイル:3下水処理場の汚泥から放射性ヨウ素 /群馬
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