Column of the Day: Illegal Nations

Since yesterday, strong wind from the North have been hitting Tokyo. I’m happy that I don’t need to go to work nor outside for these couple of days.

I wanted to avoid this winter wind but it seems a little too late. I hope nothing bad happens to my health.

My eyes have been hurting since yesterday. From looking around on Twitter I can see that other people seem to have the same symptoms.

In the cold wind, my parents came to my apt last night to correct our misunderstandings.

They told me they payed back their education cost to their own parents.

Also, that was the first time I heard of my mother’s father’s death from being an alcoholic, which I’m not supposed to say because it’s a shame of family. lol

Anyway, they seem to understand how much risk I recognize though they won’t do anything for that.

I hear a lot of the similar cases and lots of families are facing the crisis of falling apart.

In most of the cases, the one who is the main source of money says that the job is more important than his / her life so he / she doesn’t want to evacuate.

However, at the simplest level, they are just scared of living outside of Japan.

I can understand it but I don’t think they should stop people evacuating from Japan.

Use your imagination.

They need imagination. Lots of. Because this is something we have never gone through.

To quit my job, I’m supposed to write a letter to tell it’s my own will to quit, not the company’s.

However, I’m not going to write that I will quit from my will.

I’ll say, I have to quit because of Tepco.

I wonder how authorities will judges it. This must be a case that they haven’t seen but I don’t want to write something not accurate.

To keep the shape of the nations, governments have started violating their own laws.

In Japan, they allowed schools to use 40 Bq/Kg of radioactive material for school lunch.

Now there is no limit of incinerated ash that can be dumped into landfills.

Japan is nothing but a lawless area.

In the US, they signed a law to start media black out to tell where / how much fall-out come from Fukushima to protect their nuclear industry. Same as other countries like in EU.

To let the government remain the government, now they can’t help violating their own laws.

But it won’t last for so long.

No matter how much they lie, obvious damage will come out sooner or later and then international panic will start.

When I talk to my dad, he didn’t evaluate this Fukushima Diary at all and asked me why no other “professional” journalist do the same thing as me, to make me feel like I’m nothing.

That was annoying but actually has a point.

I don’t know any other websites to focus on Fukushima. There are some sites but they mostly refer to official information, such as NHK English or Yomiuri English, which are full of bullshit.
As far as I know the Alpha Sources are just: Enenews, Ex-SKF, and Fukushima Diary.

Ex-SKF is “annoying” because it’s a good blog. lol They often have news before Fukushima Diary posts.

But I think competing is a good thing and when we both feature the same news, it proves that is true.

I can’t understand why they block me to follow their twitter account though. lol

When I see Enenews refer to the articles from Fukushima Diary, I’m happy. lol

But these are only the website I know.

Do you know anything else?

This is strange actually.

I’m nothing in Japan. In “Japanese blog industry” I’m nobody. No one knows me. I actually don’t scoop. I don’t know why they don’t come out of Japan.

Anyway, this blog is to let you know when to escape. All along the watchtower.

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