Yellow powder caught by camera beside reactor 4

3/24/2011, around in Tokyo,yellow powder was observed after the rain.

Citizens suspected it might be “radiation”

Japan Meteorological Agency explained it was pollen.

or sand.

Whichever it was,nobody has ever seen it in Japan.
Pollen and sand come to Japan every year but it had never been seen before.

Fukushima Diary introduced a theory to tell it was oxide plutonium before.

We have tweeted to ask someone to collect the yellow powder CAREFULLY and send it to a lab,
but still nobody has found that.

It might go into the sewage.

By the way,on youtube ,yellow powder was recorded on the video of reactor 4.

It is about reactor 4 after explosion. Fuel pool is completely destroyed.

At 1:16,you see THE yellow powder just beside the reactor.

In reactor 4,there were MOX and Uranium.

At the time of 3/24,not so many people had Geiger counter which can measure alpha ray.

Probably it was Uranium,or Plutonium.

Whichever,it should not be out of the reactor.

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