News: Yokohama city “government” knew strontium has already landed

According to the blog of a city councilor (Japan communist party, Furuya Yasuhiko), the chief of the relevant department of Yokohama city “government”, Mr.Kuramochi stated:

“We already knew that we find strontium where there is we don’t really do anything special for strontium.”


He also states that the amount of strontium is not the harmful amount, which is exactly what this blog expected.

At last, Mr.Kuramochi says, “I heard they found strontium at 2,200 different locations in Fukushima, so it’s not surprising to find it in Yokohama.”

Japanese “government” has kept stating strontium does not fly further than 20km.

It was 9/30/2011 when they measured strontium in 79 areas.

In that announcement, they measured 100 locations and they found strontium at about 50 locations.

This is the first time for us to hear that they found strontium at 2,200 locations.

If that is true, they still conceal so many facts.

Additionally, cesium and strontium are totally different.

Strontium is soluble in water and it emits beta rays which do not travel far in the environment and can be easily missed if the geiger counter is not close enough to the source. (Beta particles are highly energetic and do profound damage when inhaled or ingested because the beta particles are then in very close proximity to everything in your body that can be harmed by it – your DNA, etc)

They are more absorbed by the plants and cause us leukemia.

This is why I commented:

In Chernobyl, 0.09 uSv/h → Children started having symptoms. (near radiation level as westen Tokyo)

0.16 uSv/h → Adults got leukemia within 5 years. (near radiation level as Adachiku)

0.232 uSv/h → Mandatory evacuation area in Cheronobyl. (near radiation level as Asakusa or Tokyo Disneyland)

Geiger counter makes us feel as if we knew the risk but some of them don’t tell us beta ray not alpha ray, which are more harmful. Often, people do not know HOW to use their counters correctly to pick up the alpha and beta particles.

Geiger counters DO NOT PICK UP BIOLOGICALLY RELEVANT INTERNAL CONTAMINATION, even at levels that are well beyond seriously dangerous levels.

Geiger counter makes us blind. There is way more risk behind the uSv/h.

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