News: Sending people to hell

It has been 7 months.

In Minamisoma shi, where “was” in the emergency evacuation preparation zone, they re-opened 5 nursery schools and kindergarten for no reason.

A parent (43) of a 2 years old boy comments,”I’m worried about radiation but they decontaminated it. I’m happy to come back here.” (Source)

Also, in Iwakishi, which “was” in the in-house evacuation zone, 3 elementary schools and junior high schools were re-opened for no reason.

It’s in 30km area, but again, a mother (38) of two children (6) and (9) commented “I’m a LITTLE worried about radiation.” (Source)

On the other hand, a man died all of a sudden while he was decontaminating in Date shi of Fukushima.


He was involved in decontamination of school play grounds and rubble.


When someone found him, he was dead in the rice field.

Even though they are sacrificing their own lives, they say it is impossible to decontaminate.

Especially Fukushima is a mountainous area full of forests. Every time is rains, contaminated soil comes down.

lily3193 鈴木りり

They estimate even only the decontamination of Fukushima would cost 110 trillion yen.

Even in Yokohama, the city of Strontium, they proved decontamination is impossible.

The data below was supposed to show how decontamination is successful. (Yokohama shi sasayama elementary school)
but under a gutter they found:

0.82 uSv/h → [then after decontamination they found] 0.40 uSv/h

File (1)

It will come back to the original level after the next rain.

In Ota ku Tokyo, 5 schools honestly confessed they have hot spots under the gutters.

It was from 0.32 ~ 1.01 uSv/h.

The only thing they could do was to cover the place with a blue sheet.(Source)

In Chernobyl, 0.09 uSv/h → Children started having symptoms. (near radiation level as westen Tokyo)

0.16 uSv/h → Adults got leukemia within 5 years. (near radiation level as Adachiku)

0.232 uSv/h → Mandatory evacuation area in Cheronobyl. (near radiation level as Asakusa or Tokyo disney land)

We mustn’t forget the fact that the treatment of Soviet was not enough. They caused huge consequence. Their treatment was a failure.

However, current Japan is in a way worse than the Soviet response.

When we apply the limit of Chernobyl to Tokyo, all the Tokyo citizens and people around the area must have evacuated.

Still it would cause worse consequence than Chernobyl.

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