News: Save the propaganda

Japanese national broadcasting company NHK is losing its customers.

By the end of September, over 98,000 contracts were cancelled.

They say it is because they changed the broadcasting system from analog to digital (July, except for the disaster area), but cancellation is increasing.

End of August: 59,000 contracts cancelled.

End of September: 98,000 contracts cancelled.

Only within a month, cancellation increased by 166%.

There are still 10,000 potential cancellations, NHK is assumed to lose more customers.

The president of NHK, Matsumoto is still persistently talking, “We will ask them to reconsider if they really don’t need to watch TV anymore.”

Additionally, more 43,000 contracts were cancelled, which is assumed to be from the disaster.

However, 201,000 contracts are free of charge because of the disaster.

In Japan, they are conflicting between the classic media, such as TV, Newspaper, magazine etc, and internet.

When more than 60,000 people joined anti nuclear demonstration, NHK broadcast a child to wash the back of an old man in a public bath as its head line and they reported the demonstration only for a few minutes.

We wrote about this protest previously, Breaking News: 60,000 people stood up against nuclear

Also, they have been broadcasting false information about Fukushima since ever 311.

It is natural to think more and more Japanese people are starting to abandon the national propaganda.



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