News: Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency calculated China syndrome

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency conducted a trial calculation of China Syndrome on 3/25.

Though they kept stating “Just a part of nuclear fuel rods are damaged” at press conference, Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization was ordered to estimate the scale of china syndrome by Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and they released the data today.

They assumed that all the nuclear fuel rods melt and penetrate the bottom of the container vessels.

According to their estimation, in case the water supply is stopped, melted nuclear rods keep penetrating the pedestal, which is the 3 m thickness of the floor made of concrete under the container vessels, for 10 days at reactor 2 and 3.

At reactor 1, penetration keeps continuing for 8 days and stop at 1.8m deep.

They also calculated the case of when all the fuel rods drop down at once, and also the case of when melted fuel splashed as jet.

This is a symbolic fact that even when they “declare” it is safe, they know what is actually going on and calculate behind the press conference.

Additionally, “China Syndrome” is probably going on, even though they kept on giving water ,which is worse than they calculated.


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