News: Nothing’s improved

Mr.Plutonium, Hirotada Ohashi has become a committee of “Nuclear safety board” for Hokuriku power company.

He’s famous for his “very unique” theory that you can drink plutonium.

According to his opinion, nobody has ever died of plutonium in history.

You can never die of plutonium even if you DRINK it.

However, nobody has ever seen him drinking plutonium.

He belongs to Tokyo University, System designing department or something, born in 1952, Gifu prefecture.


This is the video of the discussion of Mr. Plutonium and Mr.Koide.

Most of audience were from power station.

For Mr.Koide pointing out the obvious risk about plutonium, Mr.Plutonium answers, you can even drink plutonium.

This is how nuclear power has been sucking up our tax and made the whole nation inhabitable.


  1. Hirotada Ohashi doesn’t know basics:

    Injections of plutonium (20,000 times more dangerous than cobra poison), uranium, polonium, and radioactive lead

    at the Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago
    on April 26th, 1945,

    the University of California Hospital in San Francisco on May 14th, 1945.

    Langham, W.H., Bassett, S.H., Harris, R.S., Carter, R.E. (1950) 1980

    Distribution and Excretion of Pu administered intravenously to Man
    Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the University
    of California Report
    US Atomic Commission Document LA-1151 1950 certified
    re print 1980 – Health Physics 38, 1030-1060

    Langham, W.H., Lawrence, J.N.P., McClelland, J., Hempelmann, L.H. 1962
    The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory’s Experience with Plutonium in Man
    Health Physics 8, 753-760

    People died because of Plutonium.

  2. This is like my grandmother when i asked her if the wax coating on a cheese could be eaten,she said that i could eat it if i wanted to.

    I don’t eat the wax coating on Edam like cheeses,i usually cut the rind off hard cheeses too.

    This guy with his Plutonium is similar and indeed merely parrots what others like him have read.

    Since he has not actually eaten Plutonium to prove his belief he is a charlatan.

    Since he does no actual research of his own you have to wonder about his employers.

  3. For example,you never here of the pioneers of the Atomic age swigging Plutonium.

    That would have occured using military personel,criminals,mental patients and other nuclear workers.

    Terrible crimes perpetrated to advance careers.

  4. like their yakuza sub-contractors tatoo themselves w/ liver damage, the nuclear execs should all drink plutonium as initiation.

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