News: Moron of the year

Commentariat Soejima Tatsuhiko and religion expert (?) Nakaya Shinichi are planning to build “Hotel Radiation”.

According to them, the radiation level is very low in Fukushima, which is good for your health.

They believe in hormesis effect and try to prove that radiation is good for your health by making a radiation resort facility.

They claim setting a mandatory evacuation area is against Article 29 of the Constitution, which is to protect the property of citizens.

The picture below is when the moron got into the 20km area and declare it is safe for some reason, but the Geiger counter shows “106.9 uSv/h“.

I hope this idiot will be alive until hotel radiation is finished.


  1. this is the funniest thing I’ve read so far about the disaster. Moron of the year, indeed.

    Hopefully this idiot hasn’t reproduced yet.

  2. He may be a moron but he would a distant third. First places goes to TEPCO and second places goes to the Japanese government.

  3. he looks mentally unstable – and I am not being sarcastic. He really does appear to be mentally ill. It’s in the eyes. Have seen this many times before when patients are not appropriately medicated or self-medicating because they are so off balance. What is sadder still, is if anyone believes what he proposes – they will be at increased risk of dangerous side effects that last forever.

      1. Yes, really. Dull, glazed over, half open. I have a mentally ill daughter. You see pictures of her on and off medication. It’s like the lights are out.

        1. I have to agree, unfortunately, but his “followers” at his private “school” will never listen to our warnings. He runs his own seminar-style school, perhaps a cultist group, called “Gakumon Dojo” (academia dojo. “Dojo” is a training hall in Japanese; you will find an English Wikipedia page with the title Dojo) and apparently has been telling his followers that the Fukushima accident was over since around March 20th.

          Just like this photo, he likes to visit the heavily contaminated areas of Fukushima prefecture, probably trying to show off to his followers that the contamination is not killing him even on the abandoned street of Futaba Machi. By doing so, he is virtually killing himself already, though.
          Obviously he has been heavily exposed to radiation (internally) already. Bizarrely, he doesn’t even feel the need to wear a decent mask… He always refuses to recognize the danger of radiation. His own Geiger counter shows a very high radiation level always but he wants to show his followers it is very “safe”.

          Maybe he looks dull like the photo because he is already suffering from a radiation sickness. Maybe he has been demented since some time ago, too… But he will not listen to anyone, probably. Already, this man virtually killed himself by ignoring the science of radiation safety. And the Japanese “government” and “experts” encouraged these poor or demented people to do so. He is not the only Japanese celebrity who is (virtually) dying from radiation sickness today. Many other celebrities, politicians and bureaucrats, etc, will follow him unfortunately because they share the same delusional “theory”.

          Soejima himself visited the same contaminated area on around March 20 and wrote in his blog that the radiation level was “only 15 micro-Sv per hour”. 15 microSv is a very high dose, though, but he didn’t recognize the danger at all, apparently. In his blog, he apparently wrote 15 mSv (milli) but read it “microSv”… I didn’t see his blog then so I am not sure what he was actually reading in his Geiger counter.

          Since that time, he has been visiting the contaminated places near the Fukushima nuclear power plant repeatedly and has been radiating himself (especially INTERNALLY) all the time, apparently. Normally, a government agency is supposed to stop such idiotic or demented people before they try to break into the contaminated zone. Even in the former Soviet Union, the “Exclusion Zone” of the Chernobyl area has been controlled strictly. Only in Japan, the Exclusion-Zone-level areas with deadly contamination is open to public and killing many innocent people including the apparently demented economist T. Soejima here.

          In the photo, he wears a very expensive Burberry jacket but his baseball cap doesn’t fit the jacket, does it? Here, he looks like an idiot indeed. I have to wonder if this man was drunk whenever he did such an insane stuff…
          I myself suspected he is mentally unstable since he became a celebrated economist. Maybe, he is medicating himself with controversial drugs like anti-depressant, too. A few Youtube videos featured Soejima. In a video, he actually looked and spoke like a depressed man.

          He is now a popular Japanese economist with many followers but he was in fact nameless until the Lehman Shock took place a few years ago. Before the collapse happened, in a book, he mentioned that the Lehman Bros may collapse soon. He complained back then he had been writing many books but they didn’t sell well. After the collapse of the Lehman Bros came true, he was at last a celebrity in Japan.
          It is not unusual for a Japanese economist to have an insider information of a collapsing bank such as the Lehman. I thought he obtained such an insider information and dared to write it in his book while others didn’t publish the Lehman’s name…
          Anyway, he was now a celebrity economist, a pro-nuke economist or course. But he has gone too far even as a pro-nuke economist. Maybe he has been mentally unstable since some time ago (since before the Fukushima accident) and has gone too far this time.

          Soejima (Takahiko is his first name, by the way) is one of the descendants of Taneomi Soejima, a Japanese politician from the 19th century. You will find a Wikipedia page of Taneomi Soejima. But the name of Takahiko is not included in the page, unfortunately (a Japanese Wiki has an article of Takahiko Soejima himself though). Perhaps, he was always under a certain pressure to do something “great” to become “famous”.

          After he became a celebrity at last, he mentioned in his blog that he was being “followed” by Japanese secret service (aka “Koan Chosacho” Public Security Investigation Agency). He wrote several men dressed nicely kept on appearing wherever he went and sat close to him in coffee shops.

          He wrote he suspected his cell phone (its GPS tracking feature) was being hacked by the Japanese Koan secret agency. He wrote he used to tell them to go away and sit somewhere else and so on… He never uploaded any photo of such suspicious men using his cell phone camera. Maybe, he was actually being followed. Maybe he was simply delusional or just under pressure as usual.

          This year, at least, he has been doing a “great” service to the Japanese nation by advertising the fake “safety” level of radiation, virtually killing himself and abusing the controversial topic such as “hormesis”. I guess his ancestor Taneomi Soejima would be grateful now at last… The only problem is that he is virtually killing himself and his own followers who believe blindly in their master.

          As for the hormesis controversy, the Japanese nuclear power industry and the “government” has been aggressively abusing the ancient (and forgotten) hypothesis to make profit out of the Japanese taxpayers’ money. A Japanese Wikipedia article over the issue (ホルミシス効果 explains how a Japanese state-founded think tank Denken (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) has been funding a research program involving many large Japanese universities hoping to “prove” the hormesis effect. Soejima’s planned radioactive “hotel” will also serve as another “experimenting” site for such an unlikely favorable effect on animals/plants. 🙂

          I guess this research program is just a Japanese “snake oil R&D” program. The largest Japanese think tank Denken wasted our money by “researching” the forgotten (=disproved) hypothesis called hormesis with large Japanese universities who are basically money-hungry. They tried to prove that the so-called low-level radiation encourages human DNA to repair its own damage, too. (lol)

          As we witnessed in many photos in this blog, we have many strange plants/fruits growing extremely big in many places in Japan after the Fukushima accident. I haven’t seen any such strange plants/fruits myself but I know Japanese pine trees (evergreen tree) are partially brown (partially killed) this year in many places. I haven’t seen many sparrows since March either in the east Japan. So, I don’t see any “hormesis” effect on the plants at all. But I am sure Soejima will try to see a hormesis effect in dead pine trees, too. 🙂

          These plants host microorganisms such as lactobacilli and others on the surface of their leaves and fruits. When radioactive particles (dusts) fall on these plants, the lactobacilli hunt the radiation-emitting dusts following their energy. These microbes ejaculate digestive enzymes onto the radioactive particles (the way spiders digest their foods), apparently, when they catch their games (foods).
          Such enzymes are maybe the true cause of the explosive growth of the strange (deformed) plants/fruits we see this year. In that case, the microbes and enzymes are maybe “good for health” of the plants/fruits in a way (at least they are bigger than the normal plants/fruits).

          However, the radiation itself (low or high level) is most certainly NOT good for health at all. Radiation will not encourage animal/plant DNAs to “repair” themselves, either. Fools (and only fools) will believe in such urban legends, unfortunately.

          Pathetic people like the apparently demented Soejima are all fooled by the fraudster “snake-oil salesmen” from the think tank Denken of Japan and the several large Japanese universities, unfortunately… Will Soejima stop his stupid “pilgrimage” to Fukushima before he literally kills himself and more of his blind followers? Probably he will not stop until he is suddenly dead one day, I guess. …Demented Soejima is just another tragedy Japan witnessed this year.

  4. Off topic question, Mochi-san. Are you still planning to leave Japan or have you given up on this plan?

      1. I have contacts in brazil if you go there. there’s a large japanese population in são paulo – also many japanese foods made for japanese brazil community (from brazil farms), so u dont have to worry about radiation

        1. Also Brazil is southern hemisphere to less impact from fallout. But better to be on south eastern side if possible. Away from ocean debris and also BP oil.

  5. To those considering leaving Japan, There are regions in Europa that need ordinary workers, electricians(or elctr in general, from low power to high power), plummers, is you have Heavy equipment expiriences(mekanics, elec, and/or handling), tower cranes(there is infact a vacum regaring work in many sectores), and so on.
    Nurces and doctores,
    The only problem is language, you HAVE to be good/fluent in English, can you do so, there is and sould be no problem.
    The reason is because you are Japanes, and is regarded as at/above Europena standards in Education and skils.

    There are mining corps in Sweden that lacks people on all this levels mentioned above, and as a Japanes, you will infact be regarded as “good anouf”, and are you lucky, and I mean it, you can have a new work within weeks, so give it a try

    Now you/we all know that the people must take ceare of them selfs, the goverment is gone beyoud stupidity and ignorance, into the lunatic fringes.


  6. I visited Brazil and there are a lot in Japanese community. The people of Brazil have a beautiful Spirit. Don’t know how to describe it. The most diverse population of any country.

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